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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Hero Tootsies

We decided to get crafty all up in here!

Zombies are all the rage but lately we've been on a Super Heroes kick in our house. Lil Duck loves pretending she is Batgirl and of course I am WonderWoman (duh). I was super thrilled when she asked if she could wear WonderWoman jammies to the upcoming PJ Day at school!

We worked over the weekend on Valentine's for her school party next week. Being a private preschool she still gets to celebrate holidays which I love. Thrilled to be involved, Lil Duck and I made Super Hero Valentine TootsiePops.

Here is what we did...

-Heavy stock construction paper in the colors of your choice. We had purple, pink and red so that is what we used. 
-Sharpie Marker
-Hole punch
-Bag of TootsiePop suckers

I drew out a stencil for the cape and traced enough capes for each child in class. Lil Duck worked on cutting out all the capes. She's wicked good with scissors! While she was working on the capes, I cut out little mask shapes and finished them off by coloring in the "eyes" with the Sharpie.

After the capes were cut out, I use the Sharpie to write the Valentine message and Lil Duck signed her name to the back/underside of each one.

Using the hole punch, we punched out a place to insert the TootsiePop, taped the mask onto the TootsiePop and our Super Hero Valentine's were complete. Easy Peasy! If I can do it without messing it up, you for sure can!


Of course we had to take a few out and fly around the room having Super Hero competitions.

 What will you be giving your Valentine this month?

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