About My Sass

Finding the humor in every day life; striving not to be infected by stupid despite my malfunctioning brain-to-mouth filter; most people just call me Ducky...well, the important ones do anyway. I am a soon to be married 33 year old momma of a DAH-ling 4 year old sassy lil Duck. Irishman is the lucky one to spend every waking second on Earth with me in addition to Thing1 and Thing 2, a dog, three cats, a fish named Guinea Pig and a tarantula named Rose. Batcrap Crazy is the journey as I grope through marriage, motherhood, working, healthy living, tripping over stupid (it may or may not be the shoes), super heros , boy stinks and free swag.

Most of my blogging happens in my spare time which means via the laptop while perched atop the commode. Add that to the fact that I work as a freelance sign language interpreter and it all provides equal opportunity for me to get my sass stuck in a wonderment of stupid!

Laughter is my drug of choice. Yes I like costumes and yes, I am happy to share my follies and lessons with others so they can laugh at my expense. I don't mind as long as we're all laughing!


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