Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Believe...

I believe quite a lot. That's part of actually living your life. You learn things. Truths. Can't avoid it regardless of how much you try or test your hermit capabilities. 

You may forget your Panera card but you should never leave the house without your flint stick on a chain. (too much survivorman lately...I blame the snow)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Post About Balls #iPPP

The first time they had glitter, this time....


10+ inches of it {insert joke here} {additional joke required for using the word insert}

Mother Nature forgot her Zoloft and dropped a ton a powder on us; shut the city down for two days the first time, at least today this time with another nearly 10 inches.

Meet our snowman Blarney...

Monday, February 25, 2013

But I Have A Brilliant Personality

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I had a job interview last week that I should've taken way more seriously than I did. You might be wondering why I didn't...I already work for the company as a contract Interpreter. After walking in and sitting down in the hot seat I might as well have grabbed my sombrero on the way into the interview. It was the Spanish Inquisition. Except no one was Latino and we were in middle America and no one bothered to bring a pitcher of Margaritas.

In the right situations humor goes a long way and at the end of a 45 minute rapid fire ask Duck questions session to which I at times talked circles around myself and into a fog of confusion, they ended with "tell us why we should hire you"

Friday, February 22, 2013

Help Me Lick These - Confessions

Friday is a great day of the week for many reasons.

1. Friday is a great substitute for the "other" F word when needing your mom filter....for those of you who actually use one.

D. It signals the end of the work week for many. Not me...but others. asshats

6. it is Confessionals link up day

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg

Just DO IT. Seriously. You can drink wine after (or vodka or Baileys in your coffee). That's policy. Honestly. Once the post is published you've cleansed your mind with the purging of words so then you cleanse your body with some spirits.

Just call me Dr. Spin.

I Confess...
I scored lower than the group of special needs kids in the bowling lane next to us who admirably were bowling without bumpers.

I Confess...
A 10 second Kazoo lesson cost me $400. I was turned around for just a moment telling Lil Duck which end of the Kazoo went in her mouth and passed a construction zone speed change sign. Damn. Fuzz nabbed me three feet past the sign.

I Confess...
Sometimes I make myself laugh....hard...might even pee a little.

I Confess...
While hosting a house full of teenagers, it was likely a very poor choice on my part to holler across the house "Hey Irishman! Come help me lick these." {raises hands} It was honestly an innocent request.

I Confess...
Every time I see this picture, all I can think of "Two in the coot, one in the boot" Way to go Body By least its a PUBLIC memorable post.
You're welcome. 

Happy Friday


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Team Vagina

Or My Balls Have Glitter....

Would you expect anything less? Really?

As shocking of an admission as it is, I will tell you that every now and again something horridly stupefying comes out of my mouth. What's not so shocking is that this time around it involves balls.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

I found this mug in THIS etsy shop. I MUST HAVE

The longer you live the more weighty the "little things" become. It is always your choice as to which bag you stick those little things; Heart Happys or Heart Heavies. After last week, this Monday's Listicle topic could not have come at a better time.

Haven't heard of Monday Listicles? Check it out! Few are those who couldn't use a little prompt to get the brain working on a Monday. If you fall into that category, God bless your overabundance of creative powers. Harness them well. As for me? While my super hero cape is recharging I am running with Wendy's topic suggestion of 10 Secret or Tiny Things That Bring You Joy. I'm going to add the challenge of being creative and thinking outside the box. (that means chocolate and wine are an automatic)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chic Shave - Giveaway

You'll not want to miss the smooth convenience of this cutting edge new service! If the definition of ChicShave doesn't sell you, then let the razors draw you into their luxury.

Chic Shave is the newest subscription service to make the already hectic, over scheduled, maxed out multitasking woman's life just a little easier. For $9 a month you'll receive the razor handle of your choice (yes! There are options!) as well as two replacement blades each month thereafter. Not to mention shipping is FREE! Free is awesome (stay'll get more!)

Friday, February 8, 2013


It's Friday....heh, you probably knew that. I will start confessions with admitting that I had no clue it was Friday as in END OF THE WEEK FRIDAY HELLO WEEKEND! until I got a lovely little tweet on Twitter wishing me a happy Friday. (Thank you Aubrey)

{bangs head on floor}

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Flatulent Relaxation

My line of work requires usage of the upper back, neck and arms muscles. They get sore along with my hands and wrists. Its just part of the job. Repetitive motion injuries are common. Stands to reason that a massage is a fabulous way to help combat these job related ailments. I made an appointment and off I went for an hour of some glorious rubbed out relaxation gift card in hand (Thank you Mommy).

You may be cringing. I understand that some people don't like to be touched by a stranger. And by understand, I mean, "I think you're totally missing out and I seriously don't understand the phobia AT ALL. It is one of THE BEST relaxation options available on the legal market. You're so weird." There are several different types of massages and even additions to a massage such as hot stones, body scrubs or aromatherapy.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Hero Tootsies

We decided to get crafty all up in here!

Zombies are all the rage but lately we've been on a Super Heroes kick in our house. Lil Duck loves pretending she is Batgirl and of course I am WonderWoman (duh). I was super thrilled when she asked if she could wear WonderWoman jammies to the upcoming PJ Day at school!

We worked over the weekend on Valentine's for her school party next week. Being a private preschool she still gets to celebrate holidays which I love. Thrilled to be involved, Lil Duck and I made Super Hero Valentine TootsiePops.

Here is what we did...

-Heavy stock construction paper in the colors of your choice. We had purple, pink and red so that is what we used. 
-Sharpie Marker
-Hole punch
-Bag of TootsiePop suckers

I drew out a stencil for the cape and traced enough capes for each child in class. Lil Duck worked on cutting out all the capes. She's wicked good with scissors! While she was working on the capes, I cut out little mask shapes and finished them off by coloring in the "eyes" with the Sharpie.

After the capes were cut out, I use the Sharpie to write the Valentine message and Lil Duck signed her name to the back/underside of each one.

Using the hole punch, we punched out a place to insert the TootsiePop, taped the mask onto the TootsiePop and our Super Hero Valentine's were complete. Easy Peasy! If I can do it without messing it up, you for sure can!


Of course we had to take a few out and fly around the room having Super Hero competitions.

 What will you be giving your Valentine this month?

Linking up with #iPPP...capture your funny, your yummy, your super cool moments with any phone camera, post and link up with Gfunk and Sunday Spill. DO IT!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Life Crumbs-Mystery Bag Unveiling

Because I'm nosy and maybe even a bit of voyeur (if that term applies here), I suggested that we get a sneak peek into what life crumbs you sling daily be it a purse, backpack, diaper bag, man purse, gym bag or what you shove in your coat pockets. I just want to know if yours is as heavy as mine or if it contains anything super weird. Mostly I want to feel better about what's in mine.

Soooo...I went and suggested to Stasha the, OZ of Monday Listicles, that we show 10 Things aka the crap in our purses. In the interest of full disclosure, it was really just the excuse I needed to clean the thing out. I chose not to picture the handful of saltine cracker crumbs or the broken fortune cookie found in the depths of mine.And not everything I pulled out made it back into the bag.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Loving Pets

It is no secret our super hero named pup Zena and our usually elusive feline herd are an integral part of the family. All of our pets are rescue animals and if you went by treatment alone, we should be able to claim all five on our tax returns!

This time around our usual show offs, Zena and Daisy are helping to spread the word about the fabulous products offered by Loving Pets.


Even if it isn't your birthday, switching things up for dinner or lunch or a weekend sleep over is a fabulous idea, no?

The sweet little boy with whom I would jump on the couch (shhh don't tell his mom or mine) is now a BIG boy who will be turning 9 in just a short time.

Why go with simple, generic party decorations when smashing it out with a wrestling them is just as affordable? offers awesome party packs prearranged or customized by you for boys, girls, adults, Christmas, St Patrick's day and everything in between!