Friday, February 8, 2013


It's Friday....heh, you probably knew that. I will start confessions with admitting that I had no clue it was Friday as in END OF THE WEEK FRIDAY HELLO WEEKEND! until I got a lovely little tweet on Twitter wishing me a happy Friday. (Thank you Aubrey)

{bangs head on floor}

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg

It's confessional time. One of my favorite times of the week because I can get all this craziness OUTTA MY BRAIN! Maybe my eye will stop twitching. It's starting to drive me batty and I'm honestly just waiting for the voices to start arguing....again....

My first confession is that it took two hours to write this post. Or something along those lines. The sun came out. I stopped everything I was doing, listened to the new Train album while sitting on the floor in the sunbeam until the clouds closed back in on it.

Meh...not so juicy of a confession I know. There is more....

See this mug? Last year at Christmas, I CONFESS I found it while out shopping. I CONFESS I bought it and gave it to my sister to give to Irishman that year. I loved it. It was one of my favorite mugs. I CONFESS I dropped it the other day. While the photographed side looks perfect the other side is chipped and cracked with a chunk missing rendering it unusable. {le sob}

I hit my threshold with wedding planning. Decided to scrap it all (not the wedding. Just the fuss) and are back to SIMPLICITY. If you saw my FB post, that may or may not involve moonshine and a stripper pole. Not really sure I want to see my mother-in-law on one, but I'm sure she would blow the noise maker for me! {and that is NOT how it meant that to sound. But since I just snorted coffee, I'm leaving it. Laughter is good for the soul}

Had I know this had a coupon inside for $1 off, I would've eaten it in the check out line while waiting my turn at the register. #daylateanddollarshort

If my house blows off the foundation I am claiming I know nothing. I have no idea how the moonshine still got inside the house. I don't know who was using it and I'm going to blame TV and Hollywood for planting the idea.

I think I have more sex toys than socks now. I might have to take a break on the product reviews or have Irishman build me a new closet. 

That I was SO TIRED that when Devil Kitty sharted on the bed next to me (yes, sharted) at 2am this morning, I cleaned it off, grabbed a couple of dryer sheets and a towel and covered it. I went back to sleep. I could no longer smell the nasty ass of the cat thanks to Downy dryer sheets and the wet spot was covered with the towel. I was that tired. Having a cold blows. Do not judge
Offending Feline

I laughed out loud and very heartily when Lil Duck exclaimed "That bastard!" rather loudly during a dinner conversation while eating in a restaurant last night. I proudly accept my Worst Mother of The Year award. Thank you.

So go dig out your confessions, post them and link up.
 We want to be judgey too. 
  Its Friday which means its time to play. 
Start the weekend with a clean slate. 
Getting dirty is so much fun!


Angelwithatwist said...

Oddly enough I am sitting here eating the little Dove chocolates as we type. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of 2 new toys ahem.. did I mention Mother Nature showed up today..sighs.. The cat would have been dead. I cannot tolerate that and at 2 am would have had a coronary and the cat would have been bald simply by my mind losing hissy conniption.

Carrie Rambles said...

I definitely have more sex toys than socks, maybe we could go into business and open a store? Or trade them for socks

Azara said...

I was jealous of all your sex toys and was going to say if you had extras, you could send them my way. But then...ew. Haha!!

Tami G said...

I confess I have forgotten what my sex toys LOOK like.... I'm not sure whether to rave about that or be upset! ha ha

Aubrey S. said...

I'm glad that you realized it was Friday in time to enjoy anticipating the weekend. Your cat may be the devil, but she sure is cute.

If you're making moonshine, you need to send some my way. Please and thank you.

Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend.

Your Doctor's Wife said...

You are so hilarious!!!

becca said...

it's official i peed myself laughing so hard at this post and way to go Lil Duck.

Ps i'm so not giving up my award of worst mother of the year so go find another title to

My Half Assed Life said...

On the upside, forgetting it's Friday tends to make it come a lot faster.

Babes Mami said...

I could NOT believe the cat did that when I read it this morning!! Horrible!!

Beth W said...

Sex Toys and Moonshine? Party at your house! Seriously, pics. Of the moonshine, I mean. Or the after effects, anyway. You can test on the demon cat there. :)

Rachel Murphy said...

Just look at that sweet little face... So nice of you not to throw her into the wall! Thanks for the laughs! Have a great weekend!

Barfly said...

I confess your sex toy collection is hot, and I confess that your kitty has a big-ass scary head.

To your credit, you put the sex toy deal before big-ass scary cat head so I got to read it. Lol.

How are ya girl? I'm still around.