Friday, February 22, 2013

Help Me Lick These - Confessions

Friday is a great day of the week for many reasons.

1. Friday is a great substitute for the "other" F word when needing your mom filter....for those of you who actually use one.

D. It signals the end of the work week for many. Not me...but others. asshats

6. it is Confessionals link up day

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Just DO IT. Seriously. You can drink wine after (or vodka or Baileys in your coffee). That's policy. Honestly. Once the post is published you've cleansed your mind with the purging of words so then you cleanse your body with some spirits.

Just call me Dr. Spin.

I Confess...
I scored lower than the group of special needs kids in the bowling lane next to us who admirably were bowling without bumpers.

I Confess...
A 10 second Kazoo lesson cost me $400. I was turned around for just a moment telling Lil Duck which end of the Kazoo went in her mouth and passed a construction zone speed change sign. Damn. Fuzz nabbed me three feet past the sign.

I Confess...
Sometimes I make myself laugh....hard...might even pee a little.

I Confess...
While hosting a house full of teenagers, it was likely a very poor choice on my part to holler across the house "Hey Irishman! Come help me lick these." {raises hands} It was honestly an innocent request.

I Confess...
Every time I see this picture, all I can think of "Two in the coot, one in the boot" Way to go Body By least its a PUBLIC memorable post.
You're welcome. 

Happy Friday



Kenzie Smith said...

I'm horrible at bowling, I usually am the person you don't want to stand behind because I often throw the ball backwards.. and I need to play with bumpers ha ha!
Bummer about the ticket - ouch!
Ha love your "come help me lick these" request, I can only imagine the laughter coming from the teenagers.
Stopping by from Friday Confessional

Aubrey S. said...

I confess that I can easily get gutter bowls while bumper bowling. It's quite amusing.

Sorry about the speeding ticket. That's no bueno.

Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Have a fabulous weekend.

middle child said...

Sometimes I pee a little when I laugh too. Case in point? Your last confession. Yeah. I laughed to hard I did pee a little.

The Random Blogette said...

THE SHOCKAH! ;) That kills me. Some people just don't think. And I pee myself daily. You're welcome.

The Random Blogette said...

Oh and we say "2 in the pink and one in the stink". And I am done. ;)

Angelwithatwist said...

roflmbo at the last one.. believe it or not I never would have gone there. Dear heavens I am slipping aren't I?? Be honest you can tell me..
I could write a book about my ability to embarrass my 20 year old son. Daily. Like with his hot friend who works at Kroger yesterday. Doug told him to be nice to me or he would see my bad side. I looked him up and down and said yeah I would hurt him but in a way he would come back for more.. Doug's jaw hit his chest, the hot friend laughed and blushed and leaned in and whispered " I bet you would and I bet I am the one who tries it."

Shrinky said...

And you are (fabulous). Thanks for making me laugh, such a great and honest post.. and don't worry about the bowling show off special needs kids, they love showing folk up like that all the time (I KNOW this for a fact)!

Beth W said...

I have never, ever understood why that hand sign is cool. Seriously- we ladies don't have any sort of equivalent, and that seems just unfair.

I sympathize with the ticket, though...that sucks balls. :(

Babes Mami said...

They couldn't think, too many magic milkshakes.