Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good Intentions - French Sex and Videos

So, while doing dishes the Sunday night Irishman and I had this conversation. It was too good not to share. And yes, mid convo I opened the laptop and started typing as we volleyed the topic.

You're welcome.

Me: Red
Irishman: Black

...I think we should do a vlog.

What's a vlog

Like a blog but with video. We sit in front of the web cam and do a video. We're funny. I think we should do it.

I would do that! I'm game!

I just need a topic. I'm not sure what I want us to vlog about.

Why don't we just make a video of us having sex and then we can narrate it! "The glistening you are seeing is orgasmic bliss"

We can NOT do that!

Why?! There was a time when you woulda done that.

Um...video for US yes. Post? Never

I even had that French Tickler thing out last night.

You did? Why didn't we use it?

We didn't do "It"

Oooh...yes. Why is that?

Uh...because you fell asleep.

I most certainly did NOT! I watched the end of that movie. YOU were asleep half way into it.

Was not

Was too

Shut Up!

So... I guess I'm asking for some suggestions here. Do you have a vlog topic we should use? Questions you want answered? Something you've wondered about life behind the blog? I'm reaching out to you because, honestly, I just can't bring myself to subject you to my white badonkadonk. 
I would feel super embarrassed if no one offers up anything. So you're welcome to directly email your ideas! <--see font="font" size="3">what I did there?


Angelwithatwist said...

See for you guys I think a candid camera would be hilarious. Like everyday convos not staged or planned. I would think most embarassing moment of your dating history. When did he KNOW you were the one.. cause I am pretty sure the pics of him in the barn would have done it for me.. bwhahahah just sayin..

Momma Fargo said...

BWAHHAHAHAA! Love the post! Glad you two have the same humor waves...lmao.

elzimmy said...

How about how it's going living together so far, since you just moved in together or maybe what each of you are looking forward to about your wedding and/or being married?

Anonymous said...

Fashion do's and don'ts, what's wrong with these damn kids?

Shine on

Anonymous said...

for the millionth time. It. Was. Not. A. Barn

Carrie Rambles said...

I think you should narrate someone else's sex tape. That would be hilarious

The Random Blogette said...

It would be hilarious to see you two do a vlog. I always thought it would be hilarious. I like the idea about talking about how living together is working so far!

Esmirelda said...

Yeah, you guys might want to stay with the written word. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carrie, narrate someone else's hump video!

Shine on

Dame Nuisance said...

Why mess with perfection? Just sayin' ...

Anonymous said...

Narrate a dirty movie!? YES! Kind of "Mystery Science Theater " like! That would be awesome! ~B2

Beth W said...

I'd love to hear how you two met. Or the story of your wedding, from opposing perspectives. Or, I dunno, cook together and film it. :)