Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kristine's Shower - Indulge!

Kristine's Shower is owned by entrepreneur, mom and wife extraordinaire Jenny Hoehn. She's the bath bomb... now, I don't actually know her personally but if I were to base my opinion (and I am) solely on her products I can tell you that I adore her immensely!

Supporting small businesses is an awesome way to invest in your community and its always awesome to know that you're getting phenomenal quality in a product made right here in the USA. I am super picky about my lotions and bath products in general. I've found that most often lotions may smell great but perform horribly meaning they do not actually nourish and moisturize my skin. I discover the scent has no staying power and I'm reapplying a watery lotion with aggravation. I am picky.

The Body Butter Sorbet will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! Give it one try and it absolutely will replace every lotion in your bathroom. Toss them all out. I did! Not only does the scent smell amazing while in the container, but once on the scent is detectable. Not overly strong, just subtle enough to know its there and it feels AHHHHHmazing. My skin did just sighed with relief. I wanted to rub it head to toe and I did. For $12.25 if you want the 8oz container, its the perfect indulgence!

The Aloe Vera Body Whips are just as delicious. Shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera makes the perfect blend for ultimate hydration and healing. These products are going to become your life line for battling winter skin. Avoid the temptation of breaking into a gift you bought for someone else and order a container for yourself and the person on your Christmas list!

With an entire line dedicated to the men in your life, Kristine's Shower is a one-stop shop for gift basket makings and unique holiday gifts! I have no doubt that regardless of the scent, if Irishman has ANY of this lurking about the bathroom I am steeling it ALL!

For those bath dwellers out there, I have your hook up! Bath Bombs! You will love what these do for your skin and mind alike. I have been nothing but blown out of the water with these products. They are not only going to top this list of what I buy for others, but it is for sure at the top of my wants list! (*ahem* Irishman? Did you see that?) Body scrubs, body butter, soaps, bath bombs... I WANT IT ALL!

Follow on TWITTER and absolutely get connected to their FACEBOOK page!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's Get Naked!

And confess....naked souls my friends! I save all the good pictures for Irishman. That's life...

It's Friday. Do your thing...lay it all on the table and make room for new additions over the weekend.


I Confess...
I ate pickles for lunch. A whole jar. Dill pickles...Claussen to be exact. That was it. Just pickles. WHAT is wrong with people???? And by people I mean me.

I Confess...
Why some people just can't accidentally eat the rat poison I will never understand. 

I Confess... 
I had to tightly reign in the frugal side of me when watching Irishman stick ONE end of each QTip in his ears. I wanted to tell him he could make them last much longer if he used the alternating ends on the same QTip for the water in his ears. I have no doubt the man can afford a shit ton of Qtips.

I Confess...
 I've been focusing just a little too intently on my budget lately as is evident of the last confession.

 I Confess...
That I really detest working in juvie.

I Confess...
That sometimes I just want to lay it all down and I do. And then I smack myself for being hormonal.

I Confess... 
That I am super stoked about my photo shoot this weekend! BOOM!

And because Mamarazzi is taking a
 much needed break, 
you can find the link up hanging out with High-Heeled Love
You'll love her. So DO IT!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crotch Crisis

Her father arrived to pick her up and we head out the door. Lil Duck is singing as usual and only pauses momentarily when my phone starts to compete with her. Not expecting a call and the fact that we were nearly out the door left me with no reason to return inside to answer it. Whomever would leave a message, right?! And really, if you want me super fast texting is ALWAYS the way to go. Everyone knows that.

Not only did I have a voice message but a text to accompany it. Both from my mother. They are on vacation. The text reads "left message. VERY IMPORTANT CALL SOON!". It may have actually had three exclamation points. My mother only texts using exclamation points. Evidently her phone doesn't come with any other punctuation options.

Skipping the voice message figuring it was best to just call her back, she answers with "Does Irishman wear boxers?" Well, HI to you too!


Who's mother 1. starts a conversation off asking if your boyfriend wears boxers and E.why the hell was THAT so urgent?


"What size does he wear? Your dad and I found a pair we want to get him for Christmas."

I will admit that it was a tad hard to feel the full effect of being wigged out just moments before when you're mother is giggling like a 12 year old on the other end of the line asking what kind of underwear your boyfriend wears.

They happen to have been in Eureka Springs on that day.

 Irishman and I were in Eureka Springs back in April.

WE found underwear we giggled over.

I am a tad concerned.

If Christmas day Irishman opens a gift from my MOTHER and FATHER and its these.....


Hooking up with the fabulous Gfunk and MamaMash for the weekly iPhone Photo craze. Got something you're itchin to share? Snap, post, link and visit. VIOLA!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#Kmart Big Layaway Giveaway

This post brought to you by Kmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

BLG_Logo_Horizontal.jpg (3 documents, 3 total pages)

Can you believe its time to start thinking about the holidays? You may be a last minute shopper, but as the encomy continues to struggle as do I, as a single mom Kmart's free layaway can be a HUGE help! Planning ahead is key to making the most of our holiday season. Even though we structure our celebrations around traditions, both old and new, helping others and the real reason behind the celebrations, holiday gifts also plays a part in the seaon.

If you haven't yet heard, Kmart is prepping for the season of giving by launching the Kmart's Big Layaway Giveaway. Meaning there is one layaway giveaway per store per week every week from 9/9/12 through 11/17/12.  Now's the time to place those gifts you've been eying on layaway and also get the chance to win some great prizes at Kmart!

Kmart Free Layaway Grid 09_12.jpg

With the chance to win everything on my layaway list, Kmart is going to be my first choice for toys and clothing gifts over Walmart and Toys R Us. Its hard to turn down that chance of saving so much money! Not to mention, the program in general allows for me to start socking away items now easing up the financial strain often felt during the holiday season.

I've already walked Lil Duck through the store to point out items that potentially may make her want list for this year and Thing1 and Thing2 are set to surf the Kmart website when making out their want list this year. So don't miss out on this awesome event. Visit Kmart first and enter to win your layway items!

A few that have made our list include:

Kmart_Logo_B&W.jpg (3 documents, 3 total pages)

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Stick Your Thoughts

What better way to gather your thoughts than with Post Its? It's Tuesday which translates in DuckSpeak to "Indulge your addictions" day.


Grab some stickies and record those brilliant thoughts, post and share. You'll find the link for spreading your awesomeness (disease free because that's the way we roll. No birdflu here!) at the bottom of the post. Read, link and stick 'em!

AND an extra special sneak peek into my REAL Post It Note world....
my addiction is straight up, yo!
These are a few of Lil Duck's favorites from her lunch box surprises...

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Red Gold and Green

One of my fabulously awesome imaginary friends (you know, the ones that live in the computer and don't really care about you? They certainly never send cards randomly or birthday gifts for your kids. I digress...) sent me this link Friday night and I spent a good long while listening to it over and over again and rolling with laughter. It was one of those awesome moments where you laugh so hard and for so long that not only did you pee a little but you also burn a nice chunk of calories. Laughter is an awesome ab workout!**

I'm also linking up with Xmas Dolly's Music Monday as this song was released within the year I was born. Fits right in this week and what better way to get you moving than to crank some tunes?


What music is jump starting your Monday?

**pure supposition on my part and based on the fact that my belly hurt when laughter finally subsided. I'm sure I read that somewhere or saw it on tv so it has to be true. Naturally.**

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Headline Shirts - Intelligently Funny GIVEAWAY

Headline Shirts takes intelligently funny to a whole new level! You will undoubtedly LOVE the vintage blend shirts that are hand-sewn to perfection. Amazingly soft right out of the package, slipping into it will convince you it has been in your collection for years and always been your favorite. And favorite it will be!

With hilarious and pure awesome sauce options it was difficult to decide which shirt front to choose for the review. I went with No Regrets...
And I LOVE IT! Arriving with lightening fast shipping and a care tips card, I know exactly how to preserve my new favorite tee to ensure it is still a part of my 'favorites' collection years from now.

No major magic has to happen. Simply wash in cold water, no bleach, air dry if possible and if not be sure to set your dryer on the lowest heat setting. Find a pair of pants to wear with it (evidently pantless is not widely accepted in most societies....who knew?!) and you're good to impress! (<--the tips card said you have to wear pants. I would've probably just opted for the shirt but that's me...however if the Tips card says do it and the police do it)

Some other of my favorites:

You seriously just have to check out the options yourself. I could have kept going and easily shown enough shirts to last me every day for a month! And why not? Starting at just $14.00 you can easily and affordably grow your collection of vintage blend tshirts that you'll find no where else! And your awesomeness does not have to stop with you. Find something perfect for every member of the family by checking out the Kids category, Men and Women. There are also some super kickass accessories in the way of wallets, travel bags, sunglasses, waterbottles and more.

JUST DO IT! Visit the overwhelming geeked out awesomeness that is Headline Shirts and make your Christmas list as well as find something for everyone else you need to shop for this year!

 OR ENTER TO WIN A FREE SHIRT OF YOUR CHOICE from Headline Shirts. Use the rafflecopter form below to enter!***

***signing up for the Newsletter from Headline Shirts, which is an optional entry found in the rafflecopter form below, will get you a discount of $5 on any order placed!**

Bunny Kiss - CalExotics Review

**Adult sponsored post content**

Move over Energizer Bunny! There is a new bunny in town 
and quickly becoming the top seated favorite.

Each month CalExotics features a new sex toy among their sexpert review team. Just so happens, I am on that team. And just so happens, I've been introduced to my most favorite toy! Usually the way it works is something arrives, Irishman and I give it a test run and rank it among the others. Bunny Kiss went straight to the top of the list and is perfect solo, together or solo.

 Perfect for the beginner and experienced alike, Bunny Kiss offers nine intense functions of vibration and pulsation. Not only does your new favorite toy come in pink, purple or blue but it is also waterproof. Tried and tested, it is truly waterproof!

Running on two AAA batteries, this not so average bunny will deliver exactly what you need and having you reaching for more. Quiet and fairly compact, it will travel easy, hide easy and function smoothly with the easy push button on the bottom.

Body safe, unscented and phthalate free, this incredibly powerful bunny will cost you and extremely affordable $15.99

Absolutely worth the price tag and ten thousand times more. The Original Bunny Kiss can be purchased at the CalExotics website. They offer very discrete shipping right to your door. Peek around the site and you'll find kits and games, couples collections, gag gifts, pleasure items and even manuals and DVDs.

If you're looking to start out your collection this is absolutely highly recommended. Likewise, if you're a seasoned sexpert you will still love all that Bunny Kiss has to offer!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Halloween Treats from Smiley Cookie

Baked fresh by the light of the full moon with a witch’s pinch of magic and painfully pure ingredients, then costumed with a pumpkin orange icing base and hand-iced in Jack o’ Lantern orange with a ghastly green, toothsome smile, these 2-1/2-inch Halloween Cookies are kid tested and mother approved!

Arriving via FedEx they were awesomely packaged! Not even one Halloween Treat broke during shipping. With the option of also purchasing the cookies as individually wrapped, this treat can meet all of your holiday needs. Become known as the coolest house on the block, or order a batch to bring take to your child's school parties. Under 100 calories, Nut Free and Kosher means you've got everyone covered and can feel comfortable in passing them out from your door or around the room at school/church/scouts.

With such good tasting cookies, you aren't going to want to limit yourself to treats for just one holiday! Visit the Smiley Cookie FACEBOOK page where you'll not only find opportunities to win free cookies, but you'll see just how many options you have to order, celebrate and munch! Birthdays, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, Football teams, Valentine's Day, or just a special happy treat, Smiley Cookie has you covered!

If your needing or wanting awesome Halloween Gifts this Fall, absolutely be sure to check out this option! Smiles abound!

And because we are all deemed special and you're just pure awesome sauce for checking out this post, readers can use the coupon code "BLOG10" at checkout to get 10% of any of the unwrapped Halloween cookie gifts!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tail Towns Friends - Newest Facebook Game

Adorable characters and family fun! Even though Lil Duck is only four and I'm not a "gamer" but we sat down to check out Tail Towns Friends together. Our little figurine was just too cute not to check it out! Not a fan at all of social gaming, I was still curious about how this town was run and if Lil Duck would actually sit down to play with it.

While Tail Towns works at a reading level way above that of a four year old, it was still good practice for Lil Duck. I was able to point out sight words within the game and it was great for problem solving and decision making! The purpose of the game is to successfully run an orchard. The main character is from the city and headed out to break in his "country boy" boots. We worked on building our Orchard, harvesting veggies and fruits (which we do in real life so she loved that). Players can collect actual figurines from the game. Each one comes with a secret code that unlocks that character's special storyline and rewards the player with exclusive specialty virtual items as well.

This is honestly all new to me. As I said, I'm not a gamer and really have zero experience with social gaming. I know this is the way of childhood. Having the option of decorating the orchard you build was the most fun for me...but that's probably because I'm the grown up. Each time you buy an item in the game it increases your decor score and viola! Creative juices abound!

We loved our character, Mother, and as the saying goes "there is nothing better than a home cooked meal" where everything is made with love. Players can also collect a wide variety of figurines including a Ballerina, a Nurse, Birthday Boy, Chef, Soccer Player or Fashion Designer among others. Now go, play, build, decorate! Hours will be gone and you'll wonder where your day went!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mia Mariu Mineral Cosmetics #GIVEAWAY

Last week I reviewed some amazing products from Mia Mariu, a company who focuses on highlighting your natural beauty through the use of their mineral cosmetics and natural supplements.You can read the full review HERE.

Now I'm back with a fabulous giveaway from Mia Mariu! They are offering one lucky winner a customized pack of one Hydrating Stick Gloss, two Loose Mineral Shadow Liners and one Anti-Aging Brightening Serum! The retail value is $81 and the winner is welcome to choose the color on each product. Use the rafflecopter to enter below!

Start your weekend off by entering to win some fabulous mineral cosmetics and be sure to hit the rafflecopter link found at the top right of the sidebar for more amazing giveaways currently happening!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drinking Raid And Declaring WAR

I've decided the only way to do this right is to chug Raid and pee around my house. If you're one of those "save all God's little creatures! Its just a wee little spider it won't hurt you. Catch it and set it free" kind of soul then you're going to want to skip this post. If you're just skimming....hit the youtube video at the end. Its good stuff. Funny in an 11 year old showed me and we died laughing kind of way.

 I admit upfront its kind of a long post. Gee...I'm sorry about that. Not really. It was a very long day. This is my therapy. Don't deny me my therapy!

Its that time of year. The weather is cooling outside and all the little creepy crawlies are headed inside. Inside as in ACROSS MY PERSONAL BOUNDARY BUBBLE inside. Not having it. Seriously NOT.GOING.TO.SURVIVE.

Them I mean. I will survive. I am bigger. So there!

Early one morning, I gathered the trash to take it out to the barrel in the driveway. Clueless of what lay in wait to attack, I causally open the front door and less than a nano second later I am in full ninja mode. The trash bag goes flying as I scream "ah ah AH AH AHHHHHHHHHH" and start stomping and flailing my arms and beating myself. It was a total sense of de'ja'vu (read the story in that link, if you haven't. Seriously. Good stuff!). That Lord of the Dance guy was put to shame in those nanoseconds. The best part? I had a full audience. Seems EVERY SINGLE PERSON who lives on my street was either headed to the curb or their car at the very second that damn spider swooped down from the top ledge of my front door and violently attacked me.

At least I had pants on.

One final roundhouse and I picked up the trash and headed to the barrel as originally planned while maintaining high alert lest there be another attacker lurking near by.

Once inside I took a moment to breathe and gather myself. Not even 6:30 in the am and I've already whipped out my ninja skills and fought off a heart attack. It was then that I remembered the basket of recyclables needed to be put to the curb. They were stowed in the garage. Flipping the light I descended the stairs to the garage door. THANK GOD I decided to turn the light on before opening the door and just punching the garagedoor opener.

There at the threshold..... was a spider...a spider on was the size of my FIST! Already left with not even one nerve to twitch, I didn't have to hesitate before stomping and twisting and grinding and screaming DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEEEEEEEE (which I'm SURE my neighbors heard. At least all the kids don't congregate in my yard anymore).

And then I died. Quite literally! I started to pass out sure that death was to become me. As soon as I heard the squish of bodily fluids (yes it was THAT big) when my foot hammered down, thousands...and I DO MEAN t h o u s a n d s of teeny tiny itty bitty little spiders came screaming out from under my foot. If I hadn't had a flash in my brain of those terrorists feasting on my dead carcas, I quite likely would've continued my descent to death.

Thankfully the vision was enough to jolt life back into me and once again, before even 6:40 in the am, I am dancing around like Michael Flately. (you still haven't click the Lord of the Dance link, have you?)

I decided mid morning that maybe I should complete a home workout just to keep those ninja skills polished and tight, ya know?! So down on the floor I am, working through my Pilates video (balance, agility, strength...every ninja needs them) and what do I spy out of the corner of my eye? A MOTHER F*#@ING SPIDER crawling across the floor right for my eyeball!

With swift movement and grace I flopped over as quickly as old ass would let me and I pounded that crawly thing with my hand. YES! I killed it with my bare hand. That's what fear will do to you people. F E A R....its real!

Skip forward to night time. I had to get out of my house for obvious reasons. Lil Duck and I headed up to Irishman's for dinner and some family time. On the drive back home, it was dark. This is important to note.

Lil Duck kept saying, "Mom! There's a bug in here". I thought she was seeing the bug guts on the windshield as the oncoming traffic would pass us. She would make such claims as an oncoming car's light would pass through our interior.  I assured her it was just shadows from the windshield.

"What's that black spot?" she said when I tried to disprove her claims. "Oh...that just a shadow from the spots on the windshield."

Each time getting a little more persistent she finally yelled "MOOOOOOM! UP ABOVE YOU! SEE! THERE!"

Sure as shit there was a HUGE bug dangling from the headliner above my right shoulder.

I have no idea how we managed to get home in one piece.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hey Life, Stick It

Seems there is an even amount of those moments lately. Figured Post Its were a good way to keep track of all the "sticking it" going around and its Tuesday (you're welcome, ~Smoochies~ Captain Obvious) . Once upon a great long time ago, Tuesdays were reserved for stickin' it. Stickin' it with snark. Stickin' it with memories. Stickin' it with wailing and venting and whining Stickin' it with every day life. Some days you gotta just stick stick around...

Want to make your own? Or read more? Hit up Kristin at the Only Parent Chronicles and see who else has linked up! Visit www.wigflip/superstickies to make your own.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

1 in 5 Women Are Using It

Source: via Ducky on Pinterest

No, for seriously! I am! Mostly because I'm planning one know you are as well. Isn't that in the top 3 reasons women start a Pinterest board anyway? To wedding plan? Either for the wedding they dream of having one day, wish they had back in the day or the one their "friend" is going to have someday.

Riiiiiight.... so imagine the extend to which I squeeee'd (which isn't nearly as pornographic as it sounds) when Stash at The Good Life announced that this week's Listicle topic was 10 Things Wedding. I know, right?! Girl, fire up those boards and the copy and paste buttons! Let's go all out in 10 Things Wedding. We are only as limited as our ability to seek, search and pin!

10 Things Wedding

1. I am hugely sentimental and absolutely adore this idea! Not only because there is a Christmas ornament tradition in my family, but also because it saves the flower petals. Now, in addition to having them dried and made into beads for a bracelet, I can use the remaining ones to decorate our tree!

2. Unassuming, not at all stuffy, laid back, simply elegant and F U N... this would fit perfectly!

3. I would love to see the creativity and silliness the family would come up with when left to their own devices with this set up. Provide a digital or disposable camera for whomever to capture shots before, during and after the event.

4. Priceless is the partner who will hug you without your asking, who won't ever let go first and always, ALWAYS pulls you in closer with each breath. (Thank you, Irishman, for never giving me the  fake hug)

5. On the MUST HAVE list...if even one is missing its not going to work for me. Especially if its hand holding and laughter :)

6. Instead of the traditional guest book, this would be perfect for all those in attendance at a small wedding. I love the symbolism of this.

7. Write love letters to each other and place into a box along with a bottle of wine. Nail it shut at the wedding. When you have your first fight, open it up, pour the wine, go to separate corners, read the love letter & remember what it’s all about.

8. I had to include at last one dress photo. I love this one. No idea where its from or the label as its not actually linked to a site {boo} but I certainly love looking at it and imagining myself in it!

9. No wedding day is complete without the perfect pair of shoes! These make me sigh...

10. You'll have amazing stories to tell, picture to adore and memories to last a lifetime. What you don't want to remember is how sweaty your crack was the whole time. Bride and swampass just don't really go together. Tips you will be happy you pinned...

For more awesome PIN potential and hilarious takes on 10 Things Wedding hop on over to The Good Life and see what is waiting...