Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Drunk Cooking

You know all those times your little one makes the sweetest comments or says the most endearing things like, "Mom, hug me real tight! Don't let me out of your love!" and you melt? You love the fact that you are a parent to the most wonderful surprising little creature. THEN it all disappears as if only a dream when they pop out with something like...

"Mom you are a greatest cook!
 I love the food you make even if sometimes you are a drunk cook."

Screeeeeeeeeech! (or in my case I nearly ran off the road as I whipped my head around)

Hold up!

"What exactly do you mean, Lil Duck?"

Because if she is telling ME I am a drunk cook who the hell else is she exclaiming this too?! That thought is just a bit worrisome!

"Ummmm....I just mean you get kinda dizzy and tired when you cook. You know?!"

Actually no, I have no idea what she is talking about. Sure I cook while tired. Can't recall cooking while dizzy and certainly I've never cooked drunk (not since I survived my early twenty's anyway).

Its a deng good thing she is so stinkin cute! She has a habit of throwing me under the bus. Like the time she told my mom I put a dress on with no panties. "None...she just didn't put anything on her butt, Nana!"

What declarations have YOUR children made that left you a bit worried, red in the face or ready to duct tape their mouth shut? 

Monday, July 30, 2012

10 Sounds That Make Me Violent

It is always good to get off your chest things that aggravate you beyond the 'pet peeve'. You know the kind....the kind that build inside, sometimes starting at your toes, so that by the time the aggravation reaches your finger tips you're feeling twitchy for an icepick or fork? Something...anything... to either permanently silent the "thing" emitting the noise or to just jam in your own ear. Yeah...those kind.

It being Monday and all, I figured this was a good Listicle to jump in on. 10 Sounds That Drive You Bonkers. Heh...I added the violence to it because, well, sometimes it just drives you bonkers and right on over the edge.

1. CHEWING - your food is dead. You need not chew with such force. My father is guilty of this. As a result I refuse to sit anywhere near him during a meal. Makes me stabby.

2. Alarm clocks - I'm fine with it going off once maybe twice. 6-10 times before you get out of bed? Makes me stabby. You would get MUCH better sleep and feel more rested if you just slept for that hour that it takes your alarm to beep every 10 minutes. Seriously. ONE beep...GET UP.

3. Needless Background Noise: I don't have the TV on just to have the TV on. I'm not sure why it drives me nuts but too many sounds at once does. If no one is watching the tv turn the stupid thing off especially if the dog is barking, the kids are screaming (from three different rooms) and the dishwasher is going.

4. Ringing in my ears:  no idea why it happens and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when or under what conditions. DRIVES. ME. BONKERS! There is no way to stop it or "turn it off".

5. Nails down a chalk board: I'm sure many will have that on the list but it does. The sound makes my jaw hurt!

**I considered stopping the list here because just thinking about the noises is making me a tad cranky**

6. Cars: when someone needs to replace a belt or the breaks. That high pitch squealing causes me to want to transfer their paint to my keys.

7.  A certain person's laugh: we all know at least one SOMEONE whom when they start laughing all you can think about is punching them in the face with a chair to just MAKE. IT. STOP! It also ruins my opportunity to laugh. Totally steals the laughter right out of me and replaces it with anger. What kind of person steals laughter? Seriously. Ugh

8. Teeth grinding...whether a person is a sleep or just absently grinding their teeth it makes me want to crawl out of my skin. If I have to listen to it for a long enough time I do have visions of physical harm.

And, I'm going to have to quit. I'm so annoyed I might need some xanax. Who knew thinking about and discussing the most aggravating sounds would actually aggravate m?. It could also be because I just found this on YouTube:

Join in the Monday Listicles with Stash at The Good Life. New topics each week!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back To School with AstroBrights

This post brought to you by Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine.

And so they begin...the onslaught of Back To School posts bringing you awesome products to make the school year easier! Truth be told, I have a bad addicition to school supplies. Its odd, I know. I stand mesmerized by all the organization of the displays, the brand new utensils and papers.... it is all a bit overwhelming and totally exciting for me.

AstroBrights papers is one of those dazzling products that will catch your eye! With 23 bright colors to choose from, whether you are creating a classroom project, work presentation or new brochure for your business, you will get the most attention! I love that the company wants to stand out from the crowd becuase they think your ideas are worth noticing. Bold color canvas options are sure to bring attention to the importance of your idea.

A big supporter of education, AstroBrights offers the option for you to support your local elementary school by entering the "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes. You can win a cash prize and school supplies valued at $30,000 for the school of your choice.

And who doesn't like a family-friendly company? It sure makes buying all those supplies a little easier when you know your money is going towards a company that supports the important of family values. AstroBrights is offering the "Make Something Astrobright" design challenges where you can unleash your creativity for a chance to win AstroBrights Paper and other prizes! Share your projects with pictures and video! And if you share anything via Pinterest or Twitter please use the hashtag #goastrobrights

Now, Go! Shop! The bells will be ringing soon enough.


Visit Sponsor's Site

Bondi Band - GIveaway & Review

Bottom line? I LOVE IT!!

Since I started running and training for a half marathon, I've been on the hunt for awesome additions to my training. I don't mind admitting I sweat like a pig (if pigs even sweat. Never understood that saying). Even if its 60 degrees out, which it is not, I am sweating buckets. Makes it a tad hard to avoid the trees and mailboxes along my route when sweat streams into and stings the eyes. While I enjoy being the comic relief at times, I am even more fond of NOT rearranging my face!
The Bondi Band is extremely comfortable! It has plenty of stretch and give in it but it also stays in position. No slipping, no pinching and best of all it catches ALL the drips so no stinging. I have a small head (insert joke here). Hats don't fit me well nor do headbands. The Bondi Band? Fits PERFECTLY!

If that isn't enough, they are also fashionable! Whether you're out walking at the park, sweating it out in yoga or Zumba, or simply walking around the amusement park in 106 degree heat, the Bondi Band is perfect! And really, you don't only need it for sweating. It will become a part of your gear year around. Protect your ears in the winter, or customize a Bondi Band to reflect your team logo. Yes! They are customizable! Put your favorite saying, inspiration, logo or message across the front and share your message with the world (heh...OH the possibilities!). There is even a category for the kiddos! Allow everyone to support your efforts or find something adorable for your little one to sport (whether its flowers or skulls) as they chill in the jogging stroller.

Bondi Band also makes sweat wicking hats, cooling towels, arm bands and wrist bands, ponytail hats, neck gators and sweat towels. You can seriously find EVERYthing you are wanting to aid your fitness! You'll love not only the products but the company as well as they partner with a couple of charities.

Keep up with the latest options from Bondi Band by following along via the FACEBOOK page or hook up with them on TWITTER

You can buy you Bondi Band like the one you see pictured on me above for $8.00. Yep...I said $8.00. SUPER reasonable and worth SO MUCH more than the price tag!

You can ALSO enter using the Rafflecopter form below to win THIS ONE:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fembody Appetite Control Gum 100

Do you get the munchies? I do. Often I get them when its time to eat but I just can't take a break TO eat for one reason or another. That usually means over-doing it when the opportunity to shove food in my pie hole finally happens. When I had the opportunity to try Fembody's Appetite Control Gum 100, I was excited!

I love gum and I love products that will curb those cravings. TOTAL win here. Long lasting with great taste, I was very surprised with this product. Pleasantly surprised! I will admit that when I popped a piece in I did not have high expectations. The taste was good right off and I can report that my munchies did subside. It was actually several hours later that I remember I had never eaten. I would say the product works!

The big factor in this gum is the Satiereal Saffron extract (Dr. O talks about this often!).

It also:
  • significant reduction in snacking by participants during an 8 week study
  • substantial between meal snacking reduction
  • less snacking means a loss of weight and inches (obviously when you combine with a low calorie diet and/or exercise!)
  • Appetite Control 100 Gum has no sugar, no stimulant, no artificial sweetener, gluten or coloring
BUY IT: You can purchase Appetite Control 100 Gum exclusively at GNC. $9.99 for an eight piece pack in a light mint flavor

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flying Ramen Noodles

Who knew?

I certainly didn't. I was never a big Ramen Noodle fan in college. There are no drinking binges and subsequent Ramen Noodle purges in my history.

Lil Duck on the other hand is the soupn'est eating kid I've ever met. She spied the package in the soup aisle one day and has been a huge fan ever since blech. Until yesterday. Normally she puts away an entire package by herself however she barely ate half. THANK GOD.

Can you see where I am going with this? She hasn't been feeling great; allergies, congestion, runny nose and cough. I excused her from the table and set about cleaning the lunch mess.

I heard her cough.

Then the frantic cry came...

"MOM!"...she managed on a hysterical sounding sob. "I THROWED UP! WHY DID I THROWED UP?"

I rushed to the living room to find her standing on the couch. It wasn't so bad. *whew* I lifted her off the couch...she coughs....gags...aaaaand yacks again all over her feet. Steering her towards the bathroom she chucked again...in my hand...then on the floor because my hand was full. WHY does it seem to take tens years to get to the bathroom at that point?




Then she was fine. FINE?!

I deserve a mother 'fing award for not puking myself AND for catching it IN. MY. HAND!

What do you clean first? The couch? Carpet? Bathroom? The kid?

I finally got her and the house o' puke sanitized, just settled myself laying down next to Lil Duck for a nap and I hear it. AGAIN. This time the *&$#@% *(^$!@$ DOG is** wretching IN MY CLOSET


Medicate me please....

**I actually tried to look for a picture of a dog puking. I gagged way too much on the first image that popped up. I decided not to post one. You're welcome.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kindle FIre and Diamond Candle Giveaway

Bay Area Mommy
Bay Area Mommy is celebrating her 1st blog anniversary with a giveaway for a Kindle Fire (or $200 Amazon gift card) and 2 Diamond Candles. Kindle Fire is open worldwide but the 2 Diamond Candles is restricted to the US only since they don't ship outside the US. Giveaway will run from July 25, 12:01am EST to August 15, 11:59pm EST. Good luck!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hillybilly Loafn Bonanza

Last year about this time I was posting about the Hillbilly Boatin Bonanza. Did you miss it? Catch up here for part 1 and here for part 2...it was pretty hysterical if I may say so myself. (and I do).

So this year with temps topping out near 110 we decided that camping may not be the best idea thankGOD!. Not to mention after surviving last year I contented I deserved a fully air conditioned, running water (aka toilet and shower) RV for the trip this year. For some reason Irishman didn't run out and buy one jerk. We embarked upon the Hillbilly Loafn Bonanza.

We made plans and headed out with all three kids this time, where "Oh Dear!" is not an exclamation of endearment. It really means "holyeffnshittherearetenDEERstandinginthemiddleoftheroad *gasp* SLOWDOWN!". If you follow me on twitter you saw my running totals of Harriet the Honda vs Critters. Harriet won.

 Magically surviving the nearly 4 hour drive, we pulled into the Hillbilly Hideout and Lil Duck gasped...

Pretty sure I would've cried had this actually been where we were to lodge for 4 days. Instead we turned down this beautiful private drive
which led us to what would be our oasis in the backwoods where much fun and laughter was shared.
I tell ya, if I could spend every summer day lounging in the spring fed creeks that pepper the hollers of Booger County, I would. Peaceful doesn't even begin to describe. Many describe the midwest as a miserable place since we lack any real mountains or vast ocean filled horizons. Son, let me tell you! I do just fine with a jug of BONAFIDE moonshine and views like THIS!

And moonshine is everything I thought it would be and more! Each time I visit Irishman's "backhome" I increase my eligibility for becoming an honorary hillbilly. I learned to skip rocks here, Lil Duck learned about arrow heads and the boys again found a rope swing to fling themselves through the air with...

I also learned that I'm gonna have to toss my favorite purple dress. Seeing myself in pictures, I look like a hybrid heifer and someone thought it was a house robe. And it may be the place where Redneck jokes are born but you'd be hardpressed to find a more laid back, friendly place to cool your toes and just breathe.

I'm excited to see what the title of the next chapter will be. It would be great fun to have the Hillbilly Hitchen Bonanza!

And because this past weekend and the memories make me happy beyond words, I am also linking up with

Monday, July 23, 2012

50 Shades of CalExotics

**Adult Content**
 California Exotics Review 
If you haven't read any of the 50 Shades of Grey series, then surely you've heard of it. Book two was my favorite and not just because this review is totally in line with the "pleasure balls" mentioned n the first few chapters. Its really a great concept! Exercise daily and ENJOY it! Very discrete and playful considering you are the only one who knows you are "working out". It is a great addition to the popular kegal exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. (you can find a How To guide at the Mayo Clinic website). Whether you've just had a baby or are looking for a way to increase orgasmic pleasure, the Couture Collection™ Eclipses are a great product to start with!

Very comfortably shaped and surprisingly comfortable inside, the spheres are weighted specifically to maximize the results of daily exercising. Easy to insert and remove, the Eclipses are waterproof medical grade silicone making them very easy to clean! The secure retrieval cord is stronger than it looks, I promise.

I don't mind telling you I've tried a similar product from another manufacturer and I 100% like the Couture Collection Eclipses the best. They are far more comfortable, sized better and weighted perfectly not to mention easier to get in and out than the other brand. Priced at $22.99 they are affordable on most any budget and make a great starting place for vaginal exercises and yet still a great choice for someone with more experience.

For additional California Exotics product reviews that fall along the "50 Shades" theme, and awesome ways to up your kink factor check out the reviews from Carrie and Boobies for Tantric Binding Love Universal  Cuffs and Tantric Binding Love™ Intimate Spreader with Wrist & Ankle Cuffs.

Spice up your play time!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lovable Labels, Back To School GIVEAWAY

It is crazy to think that in a few short weeks the short people (and some tall ones) will be heading back through the double doors where bulletin boards are impeccably welcoming, desks clean (however briefly) and lunch ladies strapping their hair nets on. It IS nearly Back To School time!

The organizational freak in me (and the budget minded "I don't want to buy three of everything" ) is already primed and pumped about the Back To School pack offer from Lovable Labels! I used Lovable Labels last year as Lil Duck embarked on her first "school" experience. When other parents spent the first few moments of the first day frantically groping the basket of sharpie markers, I spent the time looking over the new classroom with Lil Duck. I had a label perfectly suited for every item!

With special shoe labels, clothing labels, metal tags (I used it on her backpack along with a Sticker Label) there was no mistaking what belonged to her. I love that not only were they durable, lasting through washings, sweating feet and a full school year's worth of use, they were also unique! I was able to choose from 12 designs and color options to pair with one of the 45 icons offered. No one else had labels like hers (of course she was the coolest!). In all honesty, there were so many in the pack last year that I have plenty left for this year too.

You don't need to limit yourself to just school items either. There is still plenty of summer left for camps, church camps, football camps, BoyScout camp or maybe your daycare items just need something more hip than the black sharpie.

The fabulous folks at Lovable Labels has given me one Back To School Pack to giveaway to YOU! Open to Canada and the US, you could win the perfect pack to kick off your back to school festivities! Don't want to wait until the giveaway ends to get your hands on this product? The following coupon code is valid until September 30th, 2012 and offers $5 off any purchase of $25 or more. Use Code:  BTS201231

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter and win The Back To School Pack:

Prize Pack info: 
Price: $44.95

Colors: Available in 12 designs / Colors and 45 Icons

Features: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, UV Resistant

Quantity:15 Sticker Labels
80 Slimline Labels
12 Shoe Labels
48 Press n' Stick Clothing DOTS™
2 Mini-Metal Tags (two 4” silver ball chains incld)
12 Square Labels

Stay Connected With Lovable Labels:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Free Stuff!

FOR A INCREDIBLE POST (just stating the facts) check out my guest post today over at Momwich

It is finally Friday! All together now...YESSSSSSS! In honor of Friday, I am shining light on the newest page addition to BCC, THE FREE STUFF page! Not only is it free to link up your giveaway, provided it a rafflecopter run giveaway, but you can also hit each link and win free stuff yourself! TOTAL WIN WIN!

The current links are listed below as well as continuously updated on the actual page (I'm still working on that whole tab thingie majiggie at the top of the header). Check back frequently, enter, link up or grab the page URL and share it with your readers! A huge thanks to the fabulous duo Carries Rambles and Boobies Babies and A Blog for letting me join up with them. Be sure to check their pads often as they focus most on reviews and giveaways! CHA CHING

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Safe Sex - A Look Back

photo credit
Typically you see the push for safe sex in the form of prophylactics, diaphrams, brown bags for the ugly ones and other various forms of birth control. We know that sex is cleaner when you wrap your weiner. Naw' mean?

 But what about the other parts of you? Sex can be dangerous aside from the diseases you could catch and leeches you may aquire. I hear your wheels cranking. You're wondering where Ducky may be going with this. I'm saying that safe sex is sometimes about more than just going with if you can't shield your rocket leave it in your pocket. Don't be a fool, vulcanize your tool...or If you go into heat, package your meat.

  Sadly, for Irishman he truly DOES have to worry about more than just muzzling his snake. I tend to be a wee bit clumsy which sometimes translates to personal bodily injuries for both myself and those around me. Really REALLY puts a damper on the whole bedroom vixen role so I don't even try. I'd knock myself out cold on the bedpost or get tangled in the sheets and break an ankle. Kinda hard to do sexy when you bust out your front tooth because you lost your balance and face planted into the headboard, no?!

 I'm lucky he loves me and doesn't mind fending off my accidental attacks. In one particularly circus like session I somehow kicked him right in the side of the head. He's such a good man. He didn't even say a word...just showed up to bed the next night like this
And of course it was not an isolated incident. Somehow not too long after the swift kick to the head I managed to poke my own eye. Damn if it didn't hurt but didn't kill the mood RAWR. So in addition to Irishman showing up to bed in his fullbody MMA/Krav Maga sparring gear, I  now am adding my own body protection.

 Enter the swim goggles...proven to prevent eye pokage of ANY kind during the horizontal tango. And with that adjustable elastic band they won't fall off!

 Quackers, if you're having sex you must take responsibility for yourself. It isn't only the boy manchild man's responsibility to take precautionary measures. Just so you know, it is still entirely possible to poke your own eye while using a blindfold. Really should go the goggle/snorkle route to ensure your balls are totally protected. I'm here to learn the lessons the hard way then share my knowledge with you.

Go forth and make whoopie..... You're welcome.

***If you think you may have seen this before, you have. You aren't crazy this time. Today is participation day in MamaKat's writer's workshop. The particular prompt invoked today made me squeee. In all of the posts since the inception of BCC this is in my top 5 favorites and happened to fall in July of 2011.

Prompt: 1.) Recycle a favorite post from July of any year that you have been blogging.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Top 10 Workout Songs For July

Since no one bothered to make any suggestions lazy bunch of brats when I ASKED for help with my running playlist, I took initiative! Imagine that! If you are in the market for a new playlist for your workouts/runs/walks/lounging by the pool, check out Run Hundred. They post monthly the most popular choices on the web voted on and chosen by folks just like you (couch potatoes included. Couch potatoes like music too you know)

This month's top 10 songs is packed to the brim with surprises. With the exception of Rihanna--none of the usual suspects (GaGa, Pitbull, Katy Perry, etc.) make appearances. In their places, you'll find an aggressive synth track by Nero, a comeback single from Matchbox Twenty, a crossover hit from Juan Magan, the sophomore effort from One Direction, a mash-up from the Rock of Ages soundtrack, and more.

Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred--the web's most popular workout music blog.

Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard, Play Hard - 70 BPM
Waka Flocka Flame, Nicki Minaj, Tyga & Flo Rida - Get Low - 125 BPM
The Pretty Black Chains - Ambulance - 153 BPM
Matchbox Twenty - She's So Mean - 120 BPM
Juan Magan - Bailando Por Ahi - 131 BPM
Russell Brand & Catherine Zeta-Jones - We Built This City / We're Not Gonna Take It - 143 BPM
One Direction - One Thing - 127 BPM
Justin Bieber & Ludacris - All Around the World - 130 BPM
Rihanna - Where Have You Been - 128 BPM
Nero - Promises - 144 BPM

To find more workout songs, check out the free database at RunHundred.com. Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with you particular workout routine, even if its just the Elbow BeerPouring Lift!

Monday, July 16, 2012

And By THANKS I Mean...

1. Hey Playtex, THANKS for the pep talk. No seriously. When I pull out a tampon I absolutely am in the perfect mood to read inspiring quips about moving forward and being successful and not stressing. I'd tell you to shove it but I already did.

2. Hey Dude in front of me! THANKS for break tapping every 200 feet while on the freeway to make sure you didn't exceed EXACTLY 60 mph. I highly doubt your attempt at gas efficiency will work. My shooting out all four of your tires will however. I hate traffic!

3. I am Thankful Irishman doesn't mind getting wet *big cheeser*

4. I am Thankful for random "I love you!"'s from the people who are most important in my life.

5. Hey TimeWarner, THANKS for being such a gihugic douchnozzle. It makes me eternally grateful I will be moving to UVerse. I doubt they could top my ire for you. Thanks in advance for making me a happy UVerse customer!

6. I am Thankful I am not in drug rehab or a convicted sex offender. I've been working often with both and its a life I can not imagine living!

7. I am THANKFUL I am not judged for my methods of relaxation.

8. I am thankful for c25k training at night. It's rarely 106 degrees after dark.

9. A big huge THANKS to those that are expressly happy for me when good things happen in my life.

10. I am Thankful for naps

Source: imgfave.com via Ducky on Pinterest

For more lists of Thanks in groups of 10, visit Stash at The Good Life. The originator of Monday Listicles would love the visit!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kids Xlear Nasal Spray - All Natural Drug Free

It may be summer time which means less cooties passed around since most kiddos aren't in the classroom right now, but its also allergy season. At least its been allergy season here...ALL.SUMMER! And water park season, park playing, amusement parks, local pools...you get the idea. GERMFEST 2012! If you are anything like me, you aren't super quick to shove chemicals into your child preferring instead all natural remedies for what ails their little noses.

When sinus issues flare, I tend to reach for the saline nasal sprays. Prior to learning about Xlear Nasal Spray, I hadn't thought of using it as a preventative but it makes total sense. I'm constantly reminding Lil Duck to wash her hands and making sure every single bathroom at Irishman's has a full soap dispenser. However it doesn't do much good to wash hands, rub or wipe nose and go touching everything and everyone!

According to Xlear, Dr. Alonzo "Lon" Jones, D.O., board-certified Family Physician and xylitol expert suggests "soap for the nose".  Xlear, recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of xylitol based products in the United States, provides kids with a "soap for the nose" with their Kid's Nasal Spray. The easy-to-spray formula, with the perfect balance of saline and all-natural xylitol, has proven to be more effective at soothing and moisturizing nasal passages than OTC sprays with just saline alone. The hyper-osmotic solution helps pull moisture toward it, preventing your child's airways and sinuses from drying out quickly. Not to mention that regular use of this product is also extremely effective at reducing the occurrence of ear infections, particularly in children. With no minimum age requirement (as the product itself only contains xylitol and saline) infants only a few days old can benefit from xylitol’s amazing health enhancing properties.  
I found the product to be just as easy to use as some of the other saline nasal sprays I've used with Lil Duck. The tip is appropriately sized with just the right amount of saline released with each bottle squeeze. I can definitely feel comfortable in using this product knowing that I am not at risk for overdosing my child as it is drug free. Additionally I am not pumping chemicals or unneeded drugs into her little system when all she really needs is a good "washing".  

Xlear Kid's Nasal Spray is available for purchase for $6.99 at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and www.xlear.com.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back To School With Campus Book Rentals

It really is hard to believe we are half way through July which means for those of you headed back to college or just starting your first semester, your time is nearing! Education is expensive enough with just course fees, add in text books and it can sometimes feel overwhelming!

Have you considered renting your textbooks? CampusBookRentals.com offers you a savings of 40%-90% off bookstore prices! (yeah! More beer money. Just kidding mom, that's not what I did with book money...heh). They offer you free shipping both ways which is a HUGE perk considering some of those Biology books are heavier than my 4 year old! The site has flexible renting periods that will work just about any semester length you have as well as not freaking out if you highlight in your books! So really, all things considered, I can not find a reason to NOT use Campus Book Rentals for fulfilling your textbook needs this Fall! They even have a 30 Day Risk Free guarantee and live support staff to help with your needs.

Need another reason besides less than HALF bookstore prices to rent your textbooks from Campus Book Rentals? They also donate a portion of your purchases to Operation Smile, and amazing organization that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it.

You don't have to take my word for it though. Check out prices yourself and compare to Amazon or your university bookstore! Got some questions? Just watch the video below. Any company that can make me laugh (including my 4 year old who was rolling) is going to get my money!

 Huge selections, no membership fees and easy to navigate website with the most conscience FAQ section, you will love everything about your experience and saving money!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Belle Dangles Jewelry Organizer GIVEAWAY

I don't talk at great length about my obsession with organization. I save that for Pinterest (have you SEEN my Organization-gasms board?). Ideas and products that help keep things neat and tidy
give me pause to squeee and the jewelry organizers from Belle Dangles is no exception!

I aquired a nice collection of necklaces and bracelets. I sort of have a thing for bracelets and while I started off with great little organization compartments that fit in a drawer it quickly spiraled out of control. It now looks a little something like this:
google images

Hard to find what I need without spending two hours untangling other pieces to wear the one I want. So when I happened upon Belle Dangles I was thrilled! Now I can breathe when looking for the perfect accessory AND it doesn't take 10 hours and a lot of cursing to find it! Enter the BelleDangles Classic!
This beauty will hold over 110 pieces of jewelry TANGLE FREE!! I love that I can hang both stud and dangle earings! Because it hangs on the wall the length of the necklace I hang on it isn't a factor. That's not the case with many other types of organizers. This will also hold bracelets and rings, along with scarves, hats belts, purses/bags...just about any accessory you're creative enough to display! And speaking of displays, if you're a die hard organizer, you can even hang your pieces in artful fashions and it becomes a colorful piece of wall art...heh...just go with it. I like the idea!

I can now keep my dresser top clutter free as the shelf on top of the BelleDangles Classic had the perfect shelf for my perfumes, sunglasses and even lip gloss. Yes, my special lip gloss has to be stored high up or a certain little duck will swipe it.

I love that this item that has been featured in Real Simple Magazine has freed up another dresser drawer for me and allowed easy, stress free access to my accessories! It was very easy to hang on the wall as it comes with everything you need (minus the drill and hammer) to screw and anchor it.

BelleDangles offers the Classic in black, you will also find it in off-white, the BelleDangles Bella is pink making it perfect for a girls room or your ultra chic, powerfully pink dream room. Short on wall space? They also make the BelleDangles Mini. So see? Something for everyone!

The amazing folks at BelleDangles is giving one reader their choice of the four products I mentioned above! AWESOME!! Enter using the rafflecopter below! For tips and ideas connect with BelleDangles through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Pinterest!

Or Buy Now at BelleDangles, starting at $29.99