Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What The Eff Is It?

So far, I have asked Irishman...

Can I take it shopping?

Is it organic?

Does it have a color?

Will it reflect my age?

Will the children attempt to steal it?

Can I wear it?

Will it stimulate my nipples?

Is it something we can do together?

Will it fit in a shoebox?

Will it run out?

Can I plug it in?

Can I embellish it?

Will the cat like it?

Can I sleep with it?

Does it smell?

Will my friends be jealous?

Is it jewelry?

Did you order it online?

Is it insertable?

How expensive is expensive?

AND YET I STILL CAN NOT FIGURE OUT WHAT HE IS GIFTING ME FOR CHRISTMAS!! I don't like surprises. I am a horrible liar so what if I don't like it? I need to be able to practice my reaction face. I'm an open book. Seriously. Thing1 says its so awesome I will probably cry. I've attempted to bribe, maim, threaten and tickle from Thing1 and Thing2 what exactly the gift is.


Hooking up with the ever fabulous Greta and MamaMash for this week's iPhone Photo Phun. Just DO IT!


angel shrout said...

I have a feeling if the Irishman picked it out it is going to be perfect for you and completely awesome and tear inducing..

Barfly said...

I know what you mean about the surprise thing. Questions from me to my wife:

Did you get me one last year in a different color?

If I misplace it, will I care?

If it hangs in the closet for a year will you care?

Is it the same thing you got your boss, coworkers, and dentist?

Is it so cheap that it's supplemented by sex....eventually?

Carrie Rambles said...

You need to list the answers he gave you so that we can make an educated guess.

Am I the only one who loves to be surprised by my gifts? Not that anyone ever manages to do it

Dame Nuisance said...

I used to be like you - I hated not knowing what I was getting for my birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, my anniversary, Arbor Day ... as a kid, I used to secretly unwrap my Christmas presents and re-wrap them just because I hated NOT KNOWING. Now, a surprise would be beyond nice, but I have to orchestrate all gift giving in this house if I want a half-way decent present. I would probably kill for a really wonderful gift that was an actual surprise, but Darling Husband is pretty close to hopeless when it comes to buying gifts for me.

I'm an open book, too, when it comes to telegraphing my thoughts. Maybe I should ask for Botox next year so that I don't have to practice my it's-just-what-I-wanted! face when it isn't remotely what I wanted.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Well after that, there better be a follow up post! 7 days and counting...

Sheena said...

Stimulate your what? Oh, my, goodness!

Robin Quick said...

I like surprises BUT I'm not good at pretending I like something if I don't. Soooo that leaves me back at I need to know! lol... For instance years ago my then boyfriends mom bought me what she thought was the perfect gift for me. For 3 weeks she kept saying it's SO you, you will LOVE it! So, when I opened up the ugliest tan velour blouse with an elastic band on the bottom that I had ever seen I think my face went bank! I was literally stunned! It got very quiet in the room as I tried my best to smile & say thank you. But everyone knew I hated it. So I was embarrassed & she was embarrassed and thats why I DON'T like surprises that is "SO me & I will just LOVE!"

becca said...

now you have me wondering what the heck it is I see follow up post coming soon

Terri Sonoda said...

"Will it stimulate my nipples?"....Buahahahahah! One can only hope.

Beth W said...

That is a fantastic list of questions! What were his answers??? Maybe we the blogfolk can guess? I'm definitely curious, now!

Greta @gfunkified said...

Those are EXCELLENT faces. Keep practicing. My husband hasn't even asked what I want, which is a very bad sign. Very bad. I hope you get something GOOD!

(We've decided not to have a link up this week. Sorry for the late notice! Still sharing it though!)

Babes Mami said...

Chris and I are terrible with surprises! I hate them and he likes to torture me but he likes them but hates waiting. Like, his presents came today in the mail and he's already opened them because after 12 times of him wanting to open them I caved haha

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh the possibilities if one's nipples could be involved :)