Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Couldn't GIVE My Money Away

So we're headin to the chapel. If you missed the whole "world's best proposal ever" you can read about it HERE. Its good. You'll love it. I promise.

So first comes love...

Then comes planning the marriage...err..rather the wedding. I'm not so sure a person can actually plan a marriage. Either way, this event we are wanting super SUPER laid back. We chose a small resort nestled in the Ozark mountains. They have an amazing mill/barn and that was our first get away destination together. Its just...beautiful...and laid back. However its in a town of like 8.

You Might Be Planning A Small Town Wedding If....

1. The pastor, photographer and DJ are all the same guy and his logo on his pickup truck gets lost in the camo paint.

2. Your desired wedding date is in the middle of the busy season for trout fishing at the resort.

3. They have a beautiful website but it takes three months for someone to actually respond to an email or phone call. They're "family run", ya know. So it just takes longer. whatthefuckever

4. The property manager tells you the bar in the barn where you want your ceremony will remain open during your wedding ceremony...ya know...its the busy season. (as if bringing 50 people and thousands of dollars with us won't keep it busy enough for a few hours).

5. You want to bring 50 people to the wedding and the property manager freaks out refusing to return your phone calls or confirm your date.

Rockbridge, you have a beautiful facility that holds special memories for us however your total lack of any sense of giving a shit while still advertising "corporate events" and "weddings" on your website is bullshit. Our outreach with friends and family (especially in a town the size of 8) will surely affect business once word gets out.

SO we have happily thrown our money at a gorgeous resort in Branson, MO! Big Cedar Lodge, here we come with all our laid back glory and 50 guests! Voted number 6 in resorts in the nation, they were not only happy to accommodate us, but excited to help us plan! Which is a good thing since we are now like 4 months from the wedding. Eeeek!
We couldn't be more excited! While initially disappointed about moving the venue, I am absolutely thrilled at having booked the even here. Having the wedding planner will make things SO much easier. The motto of the weekend is laid back and easy. In addition to a very simple ceremony we will have mini golf, horse back riding, fishing and horse drawn carriage rides across the resort. Its PERFECT for our family and the bazillion kids and friends that will be sharing the weekend with us.
All photos I stole used can be found on the Big Cedar Lodge website (minus the red mill from Rockbridge) or their Facebook page. This isn't a sponsored post. I'm just excited! Check out the resort and plan your family getaway. You can stay in the hotel pictured above or rent a cozy log cabin in the woods. This place really is IT!

I shared the engagement, the wedding dress shopping and now lucky you gets to travel along as Bridezilla I plan this shindig. You know its fun! Also, I'm always open to suggestions and what fun stuff YOU did or WISH you had done with your wedding (time to share your favorite Pinterest pins!). This is will absolutely be 100% US (which means bring your cooler of moonshine and don't forget your boots. We is gonna be kickin em up!)


Carrie Rambles said...

It is going to be fabulous!!!!

cyn knight said...

wow amazing!
i so hear you on wanting your wedding to be so YOU -- we are planning something intimate, special and US too!
congrats mama!

GunDiva said...

That place is stunning. Wow.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

It is going to be absolutely beautiful.

becca said...

it's going to be fabulous oh and i have my fishing poles already packed :)

The Bipolar Diva said...


Laura Belle said...

That sucks about the first place. But I'm not gonna lie, I'm sure Ryan would die to vacation there.

Oh, and I don't know if you remember our anniversary trip to Big Cedar a few years ago, but THE BEST TIME EVER!!! The staff is AMAZING! When we had a terrible guided fishing trip, they gave us another full day for free! It was awesome.

And the food there! Holy shitballs it's good. And the little bar by the pool has great live music.

Take advantage of the complimentary bus service around the whole place! It was free, fast and easy!

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girl I'm so freaking giddy for you! I so could go crazy with plans for you ...hehe

Babes Mami said...

So pretty!! You are going to be gorgeous already but set into that, ahhhh!!