Saturday, December 8, 2012

Honeycat Cosmetics - MEOW Review

Ohh LaLa! I have a new favorite in bath and body products! Ladies....and gents who have ladies you'll be buying gifts for, Honeycat Cosmetics gets the 110% approval stamp! I am super picky when it comes to my pampering products. These pass to the point of risking draining my checking account so I can try one of everything.

Honeycat Cosmetics sent me the Warm Milk Martini bath powder and I am swooning! Chock full of coconut milk powder, honey powder, yogurt milk powder, and skin softening milk proteins, add to the mix, vitamin E, and shea butter and you'll be settling in to an amazing pampering soak! I tried this the first time with Lil Duck and the very next night was posting on Facebook that I couldn't wait to slide into a tub of this! Amazingly enough, a hot bath luxuriously enhanced with this milk bath was waiting when I got home!

On The Prowl shower gel is equally phenomenal! It lathers rich and thickly and the scent lingers at just the right strength after using it. I actually scrubbed down with it a couple of times because it just felt so indulgent! Moisturizing, non drying, with amazing scents of peach, brandy and brown sugar, it is THE PURRRFECT way to begin your prowl whether it just be back into the bedroom or out into the night! At $16.00 for a generous 12oz bottle, you can buy one and get one free until March! DO IT! You will love it!

With shower gels, salts and scrubs, creams and butters, bubbles, lip care and specialty gift packs I absolutely am putting these products on my Christmas List (I will take ANYTHING!!). They even have this awesome Oops! Pack!
The ultimate in girlfriend gifts. Priced at $20 you will receive: 1 disposable panty, 1 disposable cloth towel, 1 panty liner, 1 tampon, and 2oz bottle of "Kleen Kitty", feminine wash.

Honeycat Cosmetics says:  What girl has not had one of those Oops! days? I know that I sure have and, what-a-drag! Hang in there girls, Honeycat has got your 911 covered. Honeycat to the rescue!

And I couldn't agree more! What a fabulous unique idea! Please DO check out Honeycat's FACEBOOK page where you will find giveaways, current specials and new releases. Plus, they just post great content! Its one of the few company pages I subscribe to on my personal Facebook page! You can also connect with them on TWITTER.

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