Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ditsies - Rockin Your Underworld

 Have an issue with the plethora of stupid people in the world? This is a smashingly superfantastic concept! You can get just about anything these days delivered right to your door so why not fabulous undies from Ditsies?

While I do enjoy shopping, I tend to choose off peak times to avoid people. Its just better for all of us that way. And now I don't even have to go out for new undies!

A stupendously unique gifting idea for every woman down to the teen in your life (because lets face it, she is likely the reason I avoid places like Victoria's Secret).

This is SO simple! Pull up and follow three easy peasy steps. Answer a few questions about what undies you love, become a member (that whole name, address thing) and then ENJOY! For just $12 a month, free shipping, you will receive a new pair of undies right to your door. No more standing there trying to figure out which style, color, fabric you like best. Enter your basic preferences and Ditsies will surprise you! Want something different next month? No problemo! Log in and change your style up.

Just as a great hair is a foundation and boost to your day, so is starting your outfit choice with an awesome fitting, super comfortable, lacy, sexy or fun pair of undies!

The down and dirty...what you really are wanting to know...what does a membership get you? How does it work? Can I cancel without fees?

**as per the Ditsies website

Each month, you receive one rockin’ pair of Ditsies undies tailored to your tastes. Our undies are all made in NYC, using best-in-class  fabrics, sewers, and designers. By remaining members based only, you get designer undies that would normally retail for well over $36, for a fraction of the cost. 

What do you mean by tailored?

You let us know your favorite styles and color palettes, and we send you a pretty pair of Ditsies each month that fits your preferences.
For example, if you like bright colors and cheekies, you could receive a hot pink cheeky one month and a different royal blue cheeky the next. You can change your preferences on your profile at anytime.

What if I don’t like what you sent me?

Oh no! We really want you to be happy with your Ditsies membership.  Just contact us as at and we’ll make it right. We don't officially accept returns, but we want you to be happy, so just let us know what went wrong so we can try and fix it together.

So are they really that great?

YES!! Not only am I thrilled with the color I was sent, they are soft, high quality, well made and actually FIT! (I'm picky about undies. SO picky that I don't normally wear them. These? I love!)

 For $12 a month I am totally becoming  a member! Getting a little something in the mail that appeals to the girley side of me and isn't a bill just rocks. Who doesn't like receiving gifts in the mail? Especially when those gifts are the equivalent of two grande overpricedlattemochachinoespresso caffeinated heart shots. I can bypass two drinks for fabulous color on my bum!

And if great panties on your bum isn't enough, Ditsies gives back.
empower women entrepreneurs, or make every month breast cancer awareness month.
— Ditsies HQ
You can choose to have a portion of your membership sent to support Breast Cancer Research or
The Somaly Mam Foundation which advocates for the abolition of human trafficking, and provides  rehabilitation of exploited women through education and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Aboslutely check out the Giving Back page for more information as well the Facebook page and Twitter. You will also make some fabulous discoveries by following along with Ditsies on Pinterest!


HeY J said...

hmmm undies in the mail I kinda like the idea, I will have to check this out :)

otin said...

I'm a magnet for idiots! said...

I hate stupid people. If only Walmart would open its doors for one hour per week just for me. [As much as I hate shopping in crowds, I just don't order clothes through the mail.]

Be well, darlin'.


Carrie Rambles said...

THose are some seriously cute panties!

Anonymous said...

Gift membership, oh yes I think so. Now if only I could set her up for bra's that are comfortable! Or more comfortable!

Shine on!