Friday, December 21, 2012

And Then It Was Gone

Ever have an insanely brilliant idea for a post?

One you know that readers will share with friends and fellow readers simply because it is so damn awesome?

..And within half a bottle of bleach (because that's all that remained...le*sob)...

It's gone.


Like a fart

Yeah....that happened to me. While tackling the third bathroom with a tooth brush and bleach, a smashingly gigady gigady AHHHHHHHHsome post wrote itself in my head. The bleach suddenly ran out and the post was gone.

Faster than a sneeze and subsequent bath in kid snot...

So, other than this:

All I have for you today is this:
Now, go grab a drink. You've earned it and if you  haven't, then I have.

You're welcome


Alexis AKA MOM said...

hehe so often that happens to me!

Diane Higdon said...

Been there, done that...drives me crazy. I am glad it happens to someone else. LOL Merry Christmas :)

ShaunaQ said...

Story of my life!

Just A Normal Mom said...

Pretty much happens all the time. Which is why my last post actually put people to sleep. Usually mine come to mind while driving down the road, and then I have to deal with a$$hole drivers and I lose the whole brilliant post that was right there in my head... sigh.