Thursday, November 8, 2012

StickMe Designs -Diabetes Gear Accessories #Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

If you are not diabetic or have someone in your inner circle that is, I'm guessing you haven't much exposure to what it takes to live day in and day out with the disease. Diabetes can either rule your life or you can beat it into a manageable submission...both take a great deal of work and often lots of gear.

For years, 12 to be exact, I've carried a glucometer, test strips, syringes, lancets, insulin vials or pens and glucose tabs...EVERY. WHERE. I. GO. ALWAYS. It is just life and what is needed to sustain mine. It affects everything including the type of trending purses I can or can not carry (meter has to fit. It just does).

 As with most medical equipment, the makers really aren't thinking "style" or "fashion" or even "daily function" in mind. Don't even get me started on medical ID jewelry; bulky, ugly, geriatric, big, did I say ugly? And what if its your adorable five year old whom lives with this challenge? How do you identify his or her needs in case he or she cannot? 

StickMe Designs is an AMAZING find! They have the awesomest options for carrying your life lines and helping to tag yourself or your kiddos as needing extra special medical care in emergency situations. The Tuff Band comes in great masculine/boy color options and very cool selections for women/girls as well.

In addition to the giveaway of the one-of-a-kind Slim Clutch Bag and Tuff Band, Stick Me Designs is offering special pricing EXCLUSIVELY for BCC readers during the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide campaign for those specific items. These would make awesome Christmas gifts and if you don't know a diabetic, I would love to have one!! (to take advantage of the special pricing click HERE)

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