Sunday, November 25, 2012


There is always a 50 -50 chance I will be clueless and left staring agape with nothing but a comment along the lines of  "ooh...that's a pretty color".  As with most of the toys from CalExotics, the Posh line comes in blue, pink or purple. They do NOT come with instructions which could be good or bad...depends on your perspective.

Possibly CalExotics wants you to use your imagination and get creative. Rare is the couple you'll find who couldn't use a little creativity in the bedroom. Even the porn industry could use a little creativity, or so I imagine.

So what does the Posh "O" do? There has been much discussion over this one. Is it referring to the "o" face or could it be the "o" ring? This is important, people! The answer determines placement.

Regardless of your determination, you'll find the Posh "O" of a super soft, pliable, waterproof silicone. Requiring just one AAA battery, this baby comes fashioned with a sizable "O" ring handle for comfortable easy use. Offering three speeds, the lowest of which will vibrate your teeth, the push button stimulator is removable from the silicone massager. Make sure your fillings are secure with this one! The dentist is likely way more expensive than the $22.99 price tag of this!

As always, even if toys aren't your cup of tea, find something new and creative to introduce into the bedroom with your partner. You are only limited by your imagination! Try it! You might just like it!


Terri Sonoda said...

For possibly the first time in years, I have no words. However, my brain is on over-drive.
Just wanted to share that info. Cause I'm a sharing kinda person and all.


Now where did I put my credit card?

becca said...

well now isn't this interesting thought i'm thinking after this review i should most definitely put my teeth on the night stand in a cup before using.