Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1 Post... Ah..Ah.. Ahhh

750... the number of posts I have written as of this one. Greta at Gfunkified has started the Number Revolution! Not wanting to be the ONE  left behind, I am joining in. maybe it isn't a revolution but it IS a super cool post idea and I am looking forward to having some time to read through all the others who jotted down their Life In Numbers and linked up. I would attempt a guess at how many hours it will be before I actually have time to read anything other than the Charmin imprint on the package of toilet paper I am currently hunting for while doing the potty dance, but I'm afraid of the number.

On to my numbers:

 1 - THE number of awesome Ducks you know

5 - the number of wine bottles currently on the counter begging to be opened.

3- the number of hours it took the movers to load my life into their truck and unload it at Irishman's.

514 - the number of emails sitting in my inbox.

5- the number of insulin injections I take on any given day.

18,000- the size of audience I interpreted in front of at one of my all time favorite gigs.

5 - the number of boys I now live with (including the boy cats)

2- the number of sisters I have

1- how many sisters are currently holding me a piece of prime real estate in Heaven

7- number of incredibly awesome staff members at Lil Duck's preschool. I will be SUPER sad when she grows through all the classrooms there.

84- the average speed Harriet rolls when traveling between jobs

2- the average number of hours I spend in the car for any one job

5,781,306- the number of times I have reason to pause and say "Wow...really?!" on any given day

10- the number of toes I have. Comes in handy to know when you have to solve math conundrums.

253 - the number of feet up in the air Irishman works daily

9 - the number of vodka bottles in the house (not including empty ones)

8024- the depth in feet of the world's deepest hole. It was drilled off the coast of Japan to collect sea floor samples. The hole is about 2,000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon

3- the number of people I would like to push into the previously mentioned hole.

33- the number of years I have graced this Earth

15- the number of minutes I pushed before Lil Duck graced the world with her wails

4- the number of years I have happily been a Mommy (best role EVER!)

3- the specific release of Madagascar that is my favorite. I'm stealing "Whoa that's roach ugly! Mug-ugly!" and my license plate will soon read "EAT CAKE"

5- the number of months until I head to the Chapel!

4- the number of wedding dresses I tried on before deciding on the first one I slipped in to

3,490 - the number of times I have blown my nose in the last two days

2- the number of times a day Lil Duck tells me I Rock.

12 - the number of years I have been working as an interpreter.

11 - the number of years I lived in the house I just moved out of.

14- the number of adult toys in the secret drawer

3- the number of tattoos I currently have

2 - the number of tattoos I still want to get

285- the amount of money it will take to rent another dumpster to finish purging the basement

6- the number of times in my day dumbassitis strikes 

Okay... YOUR turn! What numbers are dominate in your life? Which ones stick out?



Greta @gfunkified said...

Oh, I'm so glad you did this. I learned a lot! First, I think it would take us two dumpsters to clean out the basement. Ugh. Second, I'm very curious about the job now. What was the favorite event you speck of? What do you interpret? And third, I now have two brothers here and one up there. Sucks.

Greta @gfunkified said...

OH! And I thought I was the only one quoting the Count. Yay!

Amy J said... mean we can use our toes to count with too? Well damn...that makes it much easier to count the number of times my kids have drove me crazy this week.

BNM said...

6 -- the number of hours I will get to sleep if I take my butt to bed NOW and stop reading blogs and playing on the internet

3-- the number I will actually get because I suck at going to bed on time and regret it terribly in the mornings

angel shrout said...

I am pretty sure the favorite job was the concert right??
The stomach thing is going around over here as well and I am making signs of the cross to keep it off of me. I have too many numbers to keep track of life in.

becca said...

1000 the number of times I crave chocolate in a day

Anonymous said...

314 the pounds I currently weigh.
240 the pounds I will be by 7-4-13
15 the number of years I've been married.
4 the number of kids I have.
9 the amount of siblings I currently have!
14 the number of years I've driven a truck.
2 the number of times I've been awarded the million mile driver award.
393 the unit number of my sons scout troop.
0 the amount of money I currently owe!
27 the amount of times I use my middle finger for sign language each day!

Shine on Duck! Shine on!

Carries Rambles said...

9 bottles of Vodka? How soon do you think I'm going to visit?

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I love finding out new things about you. Glad to see you have toilet paper ;-D

J-Tony said...

Wow, 9 bottles of Vodka? For some reason I'm impresses with this. Either you don't much at all, or you're a lush. :) Either way...Impressive.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL the number on the scale that rules my life .. hehe

Shell said...

That is an impressive amount of vodka!

And adult toys. LOL

I want to hear all the wedding details! And see the dress. :)

Anonymous said...

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Kristin said...

Too many - the number of miles my besties live from me

2 - the number of times I got to see them this year

5 - the number of months until I see them again

Just A Normal Mom said...

I'm going out on a limb here to say that many vodka bottles stems from combining two liquor stashes. Well, that and the fact that there are a lot of really awesome vodka flavors these days.

Oooh, wedding dresses and chapel trips - so exciting!

Babes Mami said...

Love this post!

3 - the number of hotel rooms I've seen since Friday

510 - miles I drove to move

1 - the number of three year olds all up in my face right now