Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dali Decals - Giveaway & Review

I LOVE vinyl wall art! Aside from paint, I think it is THE BEST way to change up a room (or many rooms) often and within budget. Dali Decals is a very affordable option for decorating and adding to a room that last touch that finishes it off beautifully.

And don't think you're restricted to a room. These can be applied to your front door, your washer or dryer, a mirror...just about anywhere you are creative enough to place one don't limit yourself to wall art. Choose your favorite quote for above the bed or decide on an entire wall mural! The options are vast.

 You need not be a professional to install. You don't need to be an octopus with arms growing everywhere either. If I can do it without messing it up, I assure you can as well! When your design arrives, I have found its best to lay it flat. We piled books on ours and left it for 24 hours to make sure the design did not curl on us while trying to put it up.

Then you are ready to get decorating! Dali Decals provides a tester decal so you can try out the application process before tackling your actual project. Here is the blank wall before. Lil Duck's room just needed a little something extra don'tcha think?
Here Lil Duck is offering some extra help in applying the design. The one we chose came in two sections.

All orders come with step by step instructions along with tips and tricks for installation. If you are a visual person and need to SEE it done, you also have the option of going to the website and watching helpful videos on installation. Be sure to take your time while putting your design up. If you have to run to soccer in 20 minutes, you probably don't have enough time. When I finally pulled the last of the backing off the design, Lil Duck stood back and exclaimed "Oh WOW!"

 And I have to agree. We just LOVE the way it turned out! The photo doesn't do it justice for it makes all the difference in her room. It feels complete now. This stuff is SO addictive. I'm already eyeballing walls in the kitchen and living room.

The folks at Dali Decals are incredibly generous. They are offering one winner $25 towards a purchase of their own! There are so many awesome options that are continually being added to and updated. New fonts, new colors and new designs are added often. You can keep up with all of that by following along on the Facebook Page and you'll even find them on Twitter. If you're not wanting to wait until the giveaway ends to start your decorating, you can use the following code for 5% off your purchase! CODE: Crazy5off

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♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I love decals too....I have one of a little girl blowing bubbles into the air as you come up the stairs into our house ---- so cute!

Nichole Quigley said...

oh those are cute!!

Alena Belleque said...

I would get these flowers - - and apply them to the wall even with the top of my dining room table where it connects with the wall. So cute!

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.