Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wholesale Costume Club -Lets Play Dressup!

Some day my prince will come..... actually, he finally has and WholeSale Costume Club has the full range of costume choices should I want to fullfill my role as the princess, vixen or witch. Ha! I can even dress up the dog to complete my little roll play. You need it? They have it! With a very easy to navigate site including a size chart, you'll find categories and costumes for the entire family.

And because I actually have a decent collection going for the Irishman and myself, I chose to add to Lil Duck's dressup collection. For the review I selected the Girls Cinderella Costume from the Disney Princess Costume category. I'm certainly glad I did for she hasn't taken it off save for bathing and sleeping since it arrived! I has provided countless hours of fun and so reasonably priced I can certainly afford to add to the collection from the other princess options.
Wholesale Costume Club will be my go-to site for costumes for events and holidays from now on. With very affordable pricing and quality products,  you won't find me fighting the crows at wally world or that bullseye place. No more waiting until the day of to get the best deal. With ground shipping rates at $4.99 it is defintiely worth bypassing the pushy smelly crowds!


Stacie's Madness said...

ooohhh i need something fun for next year's Buffett concert. Will check this place out for sure!


Two Normal Moms said...

I will likely be checking it out next time one of those costume events I dread comes up!

becca said...

totally need a princess costume for my disney trip

Jackie said...

Cool. I will have to check this out. Our whole family loves to dress up around halloween. It always so much fun. Thanks for the info.