Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mastication or Death

I can NOT STAND to listen or witness others masticating...the FOOD IS ALREADY DEAD. You DO NOT need to use the sheer strength of your molars to kill again, dumbass. I do not want to see it. I Do Not want to hear it....the Duck I am.

I have been known, in moments of extreme aggravation, where death is likely the only other option (theirs, not mine), to reach across the table and literally pull the food from another’s mouth. Can you imagine how much Xanax and Vodka it takes to make it through Lunch Duty with 100 7th graders during any given lunch period? I can’t either because I can’t drink on the job and I don’t have a script for Xanax….damn the luck. But I rather imagine if I could somehow install a salt lick style form of Xanax near my office door and just tongue a good swipe on my way in and out all day long it would work very nicely. Hmmmm?! Yes?

Yes, we're talking pet peeves today.
Or how about those people who buy fast cars but don’t actually DRIVE them? You know the people I’m talking about. They’ve hit their midlife and are in desperate search for some way to once again touch the thrills of their youth (masturbation is not that of which I speak this time). Somehow thinking that by placing their southward sagging ass into a hugging leather bucket seat they instantly up their animalistic sexdraw factor. They strut wearing the key fob affixed to a belt loop as though doing so will net the same result as those inanely asinine AXE commercials. Yet when you pass them putting along on a sunny day 5 mph under the posted 60pmh limit they are gripping the wheel with fervor in the 10 and 2 positions as though maneuvering a hairpin turn in icy conditions. We know two things are a given 1. the car is devastatingly an automatic and 2. Their look of consternation is likely because they are currently experiencing the only bowel movement they’ll be squeezing out into their designer adult diaper all day long and they can not, CAN NOT, pass up the opportunity.

Flakes. Flakes are also a pet peeve. Hair, scabs, food and most specifically people. Yes, people flakes. People flakes are not gender specific, racially discriminate nor even age selective. Sadly THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! I’m of the opinion that we should be allowed to rubber stamp them along with stupid people. They may even fall into the category with stupid people. Ever find yourself stuck in a conversation with one? It goes something like, “What is 2 + 2?” and the answer you are given is “Kool-Aid” and you just have to walk away nursing a headache and talking yourself down from homicidal thoughts. Shouldn’t there be a quota? Once we’ve filled the quota of Flake Encounters in life we get a Pass to invoke for the remainder of life? Yes? I think so. I really do.

Do tell....what are yours? Pet Peeves that is....

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Fishing Trip - FYL Final Monday

The final week of Women's National Friendship month and I have a phenomenal story of frienship that not only spans generations but defies even death. A grandmother's love surpassed by no other, leaving the warm scent of her cookies and sharp sting of lilacs forever imprinted in the memory of her smiles long beyond the life of her hugs. Be sure to check out the links of the those participating in the blog hops with the Friends You Love blog hop this Monday and meet someone new!


And of course I should probably mention that I'm sort of not following the rules (sorry That One Mom....teeheee). My guest post today isn't a blogger but has generously shared here before and is doing so again today. Thank You!

The Fishing Trip

I remember all too well the day that I got the news. The month, the day, the hour, the setting, whether the sun was shining, the wind was blowing…….funny how some things can ingrain into your mind the simplest things. Things you might forget in 48 hours, much less 23 years to the day.

I grew up right next to my grandparents, and saw them nearly every day of my youth. Didn’t like what mom was cooking for dinner? Sorry mom, grandma and grandpa invited me over to eat. Mom and dad do something to piss you off? Walk right next door, park it on the sofa next to grandma, and bend her ear for a while. She never had an opinion, but always had big ears and a soft shoulder. The school bus would drop us off in front of our house, and I would always run headstrong through the front door, through the living room, down the zig-zagging hallway straight to the dining room. There, on the counter, was a huge, dairy cow cookie jar and every day that thing was magically stuffed full of cookies, no matter how many I had eaten the day before. My grandmother was a loving, caring woman, but makes no mistake! I think that the old saying “Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned” was created when they cracked her old behind out of the mold. She grew up in a day and age where discipline and hard work was the norm. Undisciplined and unruly youth spawned undisciplined and unruly adult members of society. I remember getting into trouble as a kid, usually under pressure from my evil cousins and my grandma would line us all up in the living room. Then, to our horror, she would tell us to go outside and find our own switches. “And if I don’t like the ones that you bring back, you can bet your britches that you won’t like the ones that I get for ya”. Inevitably, she was never pleased with our selection and would set out to her favorite Lilac bush to get one for herself, the whole time telling us how disappointed that she was that we “couldn’t play pretty” and not get into trouble. I can only imagine the thoughts going through her head as she saw the God fearing looks upon our faces as she sashayed her way out the door to get her weapon of choice (only now as a father can I appreciate it). She was also very fond of telling us that in the old country, we would be tied to a post and lashed with a salted whip, or at the very least drawn and quartered. It was only later that I found that there wasn’t a shred of truth to what she said, that it was just something to add to the drama of the event. And effective it was, adding incredibly to the “shock and awe” of the moment. Looking back, none of the whippings ever hurt. The awful anticipation of it, coupled with the drama and grandmas seeming disappointment was a punishment that was FAR worse. Needless to say, we strived to not get into trouble at grandma’s house if we could prevent it.

I lost my grandmother on a Wednesday. I remember very well because it was her favorite day of the week, as she would always attend church services on those evenings. Sitting in the back of 2nd period freshman history class, I remember well the knock on the classroom door and as the principal slowly strolled up to my teachers desk. She also happened to be a neighbor of ours and was a good friend of my grandmother. The years had found them growing up together as young girls, and their friendship had survived the times. I watched the expression on her face change before my very eyes. The normally rosy, pink cheeks were suddenly drained of all the blood and devoid of any color. Her proud shoulders normally pulled up and back, now sunk. Even the shine of her silver hair, pulled up in her traditional bee-hive, seemed to lose its luster. As she stood up and made her way down the aisle to my desk, my stomach suddenly felt tight. Every footfall found it climbing higher and higher into my throat until she reached my desk. I knew.

Cancer had stolen my grandmother from me at the ripe old age of 62. Suddenly, the dairy cow cookie jar didn’t seem as magical, the lilac bushes didn’t seem so menacing, and the sofa where I used to sit and share my “horrible youth” didn’t seem as warm. The only thing I could think to do that afternoon was go to the pond behind our houses and do a little fishing. There was a slight, warm summer breeze that lasted until the early evening. The birds and grasshoppers were fluttering and hopping through their daily routine. The fish weren’t cooperating, no matter. It isn’t always about the harvest or the catch. The peace and serenity were what I needed, not the struggle at the end of the line. On the other side of the pond, I saw the old, weathered wooden bench, with two Lilac bushes on either end, where grandma and grandpa used to go sit some evenings. We never knew what they were talking about, but it didn’t matter. Sometimes they would sit until dark, and we would lose sight of them as the shadows pulled back and the light faded. As I made my way around the pond, I wondered if grandpa would still come out and sit on that old bench. I found myself grabbing for a branch on that Lilac bush and broke it off at the base. I could feel the burning in my eyes as the tears began to well up, and I had never, in my entire life, longed to be in trouble more than I did at that very moment.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Convos From The Hood - GIRL FIGHT!

There is rarely a dull moment when one works
in an inner city high school.
Join me for a snap shot of what happens
Monday through Friday between the bells

7th Grade Girl Fight:






Slap*weave rippage*head rammed into table*



*spit*weave rippage*kick*

*chair thrown*

*Boys Scream*

Mr. Admin Dude to Daffy : “Hey Daffy…have you gotten…ummm…..taller? since the last time I saw you?”

Teacher: Do you know what a KWL model is?

Student: Uh…like IDK?

Teacher: Hmmm….I don’t know.

Student: Yes!

Teacher: So you understand?

Student: No
Boy #1: “Fuck that yo! Check it! Jesus Chri nig she is one fiiiiiiine piece of ass!”

Boy #2: grunting approval

Boy #1: “That bitch is in my Bible study. I’ll see her tonight”

OOOh! and if all that fighting and stuff made you hungry? Take a magic bus ride over to the Tank for some yummy Chicken recipies (hell yes! The Duck is supporting eating chicken!) Didya like that segway? I did. Click the words.... DO IT!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mud Packers - Or Something Like That

I sort of overdid it yesterday. Fortunately I lived to tell the tale. My deepest sympathies to those that had to put up with me in my Speedy Gonzales Mode (and yes, such a mode has been fully approved by the US Department of Immigration so do not even go there). My list of addictions is happy its Tuesday and I can tell y'all to Stick It. Go forth and Stick It, Quackers. Its therapeutic. Do it!

That One Mom

Don't forget to check out how easy I am. Haven't done it yet? Well what the hell are ya waiting for? Click any of these words and take the magic bus ride (don't worry, it is the short bus...its has to be since you're still sitting there reading....oh snap!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Nemo Nisi Mors - Swims at the Pond

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Today's Friendship Blog hop feature is


So, sitting in work on Friday I get an email from Daffy at Batcrap Crazy asking me to do a guest post for the Friends You Love blog hop. Let me just tell you how honored I am. I am new to blogging and reading Daffy's blog always gets me laughing and thinking "WOW, I can totally relate to that!"

I decided to write about my friend Shannon because she has consistently been there for me over the past year. Even if it is just to listen!

Shannon and I became friends is high school. It was like most high school friendship. We went to parties, hung out with mutual friends and did "normal" high school stuff.

After I graduated and headed off to college we didn't get to see each other quiet as much but we still found time to go to college football games or go out to a club now and then.

It was when I became pregnant with my daughter that we had a "falling out". None of my friends had children and it was really difficult to make time to go out with an infant at home. Shannon and I still talked occasionally but, our friendship pretty much ended when I was planning my wedding. My ex-husband refused to allow me to invite her to the wedding because he didn't think I should be friends with her. Well it turns out he didn't think I should be friends with ANYONE!

Lets jump to 3 years later.....In October 2009 we reconnected. We talked about why our friendship had ended and reminisced about memories. We both agreed that everything happens for a reason and this was exactly when we were suppose to reconnect.

We were both dealing with parenthood and with sorting out who our real friends were. I was going through a divorce and dealing with a lot of emotional frustration. Over the past year Shannon has been the best friend a girl can ask for. I believe now, more then ever, that she came back into my life exactly when I needed her.

She has listen to be cry, complain and get down right angry. She has supported me and given me honest advise when I need it and most importantly she has not judged me. Shannon was the first person I told about my pregnancy, she was the first person I asked to go to my 3D ultrasound, and she was the first person I called when I got engaged.

At a time in my life were I have felt helpless, frustrated and alone she has been there to pull me back up again. I can never say thank you enough for that! And I just hope that I have the opportunity one day to repay her for the amazing friendship she has given to me!

I would like to thank Daffy for giving me the opportunity to express how lucky I am to have such an amazing women in my life! And Thank you Shannon for being there for me when it seemed like everyone else turned their backs!

This month is about building friendships and making our existing friendships stronger...
Friends You Love blog challenge you to dig into your "followers" list and find a follower you don't know well (someone who doesn't comment regularly) and reach out to them and ask them to do a guest post on YOUR blog. Link up with your guest post and have your new friend (guest poster) link up as well!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The HUNT is on! You DON'T Want To Miss This

Come one come all and be our friend,
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This final full week in September brings you the final full event we have planned.  This week, we are sending you on a scavenger hunt!

Please follow along with @FriendsYouLove and the other Friends You Love hosts via Twitter. Beginning Monday, September 20, we will be leaving clues via Twitter, leading you around the interwebs for the answers.  There will be 20 clues.  On Friday, September 24, come back to Friends You Love to submit your answers.  The first FIVE players to submit the correct answers will win prizes from our generous sponsors!

Our sponsors for this exciting event include:

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Who Doesn't Like Easy? I'm TOTALLY Easy! -Giveaway

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Mandatory entry: Be a follower of the Great Duckalicious AND Friends You Love blog (cause I'm a greedy duck like that)

Additional entries:
.....ummm.....yeah....its that easy......

** You can have an extra entry for tweeting about it. Be sure to do a mention to @daffybccrazy when you tweet it and then leave me a comment here for the extra entry.

Best of luck

May the Quacks be with you!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Convos From The Hood - Pencil Pushin

There is rarely a dull moment when one works
in an inner city high school.
Join me for a snap shot of what happens
Monday through Friday between the bells.

Twerp #1: What the hell you doin’ wit dat pencil? Jerking it off?
Twerp #2: I gotsta practice, yo
Boy: well, yous black so yous already gots 2 black eyes. I won’t be hesitatin’ to give you 2 more. I’ll bounce you right back to infancy beeoch.
Daffy: DUDE! Stop with the pencil

Boy: What?

Daffy: Drumming it

Boy: What?

Daffy: You have no rhythm. You are annoying me. Keep it up and I’m gonna shove it up your left nostril.

Boy: You can’t do that.

Daffy: *stank eye* Is that a dare?


I had the misfortune of over hearing a part of a conversation of which I am so very happy to have only a snippit. No doubt being privy to the convo in its entirety would have caused me to run home, scoop up little Duck and lock her in the house until she is 30.

~group of girls~

“…I heard she had HIV in her mouth…. She had some sore under her tongue….yeah but coulda been a cold sore or….I don’t know gurl….You know….I heard that when a women’s testicles get exposed…..”

Aaaaand at that point the only thing I could hear was the blood rushing through my ears as my body was flooded with oxygen because I was RUNNING AWAY.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If He Knows Where To Stick It...

So a good girlfriend of mine has moved back to town from a long ways away. YIPPIE. There we sit at Starbucks’ outdoor cafĂ© as though we are a million bucks (ok not really) sipping our chilled caramel macchiatos chillin in yoga pants, gap t-shirts and flipflops. Okay…that was just me and I hadn’t bothered showering all day but whatever. She was in her uber cool Floridian longboard skater-cool ‘I’m sohipandyourenot’ garb.

As usual she is quacking me six ways to Sunday and I’m laughing way too loud but seriously who wouldn’t? She’s all, “I have this friend who has a sister with narcolepsy and I love going out with them. Why? Just so I can tell people that she has narcolepsy cause I think its so cool. I’m all….see! This is my friend Kate. And she has narcolepsy. She’ll just drop off. No really! Wait for it! Just wait…..wait….wait……HA! See! Told ya!”

Cue the Duck’s uncontrollable over -loud laughter and asthmatic snorting which in turn garners the swivel headed stink eye from the ultra-sophisticated, Chanel clad wrinkle- free, Tiffany twinkling, espresso sipping business gooberschnober at the table next to us. Meh…keep your eyeballs to yourself or I’ll flick a booger on ya. Seriously?! Couldn’t ya at least buy a sense of humor as an accessory with your Louis Vuitton bag? (which is really nice by the way)

Across the way I watch Mr. Dumbass (pronounced Dou-mass) attempt to start a car with a very VERY dead battery. *serious eyerolling* I have a vagina and even I know the battery isn’t going to magically come to life by continuing to crank over the starter. Finally he gives up and I can only assume is waiting on someone to ride to his rescue. In the mean time I am providing snarktastic commentary for the scene unfolding before us. Its my Floridian friend’s turn for asthmatic laughter, she just happens to be a little quieter than I. At some point I’m sure my subconscious realized there was no more laughter belching from across the little patio table however it never fully registered. Until in the silence I piped out with, “ If he knows where to stick it, I’ll jump him.”   *crickets*  *crickets*  I nearly fall out of my chair for I have cracked myself beyond the ability to draw oxygen.

At that point I actually LOOKED across the table to find Floridian friend’s seat empty.

She had vacated for the bathroom.


I was eyeball to eyeball with Ms. Gooberschnober-Sophisticate. Judging by the what I assume to be look of horror on her plastic face, I suppose she failed to see the humor; or the fact that I was referring to a battery jump. But I went with it…took it on home with a clASSy eyebrow wiggle and grin.

Life is grand.

If he knows where to stick it….I would suggest jumping him. Do it. Duckalicious says so.

Duckalicious ALSO says to check out That One Mom at The Only Parent Chronicles and get signed up for tonight's Twitter party 8-9:30 CST.. Its her Bloggaversary. TONS of uber cool prizes to win! DO IT. You can also follow her on Twitter at @ThatOneMom

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stick It Ya 8 Legged Bastah'd

Do you look forward to it as much as I do? Maybe I just like saying STICK IT. My real life is covered in post its and sometimes I use them just to use them. Weird? Meh...who asked you?! Regardless, its Tuesday hook up with That One Mom, drink the koolaid and be one of the cool kids.
That One Mom

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh So Charming!

A super DUPER special visitor at the pond very charming and so very beautiful. I wear a daily reminder of her and her sister and am honored to bring you in conjunction with National Women's Friendship Month and the Friends You Love Blog Hop, Sonya from Belly Charms.  Though we have never met she quickly became very important to me and will always remain imprinted on my heart.
My name is Sonya and I was honored when Daffy asked me to write a guest post for the Friends You Love Blog Hop. First I have to tell you how I met Daffy.

I started Belly Charms - the blog the end of April and just a few weeks later, I somehow ended up on Batcrap Crazy late one Friday night. I was reading her post and at the bottom read the note that her sister had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor and was in the hospital. I literally had to catch my breath. My sister had just had brain surgery to remove part of a tumor. I emailed her immediately and I think she must have been my first "blogger friend." Not a day has gone by since that I don't think of her and wonder how she is doing.......

Daffy and I thought we would make this post be about the relationship I have with my sister.... even if we are not always friends.

This whole sister thing between Sandi and I started on September 13, 1976. (Yes today is her 34th birthday). I was 4 years old, staying with meme and papa, and waiting for a baby to be born. I remember meme handing me the phone and my dad saying, " Sonya this is a very important day and I want you to remember this. You have a baby sister." Believe it or not I still remember this. I don't think I ever listened to another word my dad told me - haha - but I still remember the day she was born.

So now lets jump forward about 6 years. I did not want her in my room. I did not want her to play with my Barbies. I did not want her to play with my friends. I was a very mean big sister. So what did she do? I don't remember this one, but my dad loves to tell the story. This poor little girl crawled under my bed one night and in a "ghostly voice" said. Sonya.....this is your need to be nicer to your little seeeester. ( the spelling is how she said it) The poor kid thought a subliminal message might straighten me out.

Growing up we had a bathroom that we shared right between our bedrooms. My parents said that in the morning it was like 2 bulldogs coming out and meeting in the middle as we were getting ready for school. We fought the whole morning - clothes, shoes, hair, make up, you name it - my poor parents!

We actually started to become friends when I was in high school and she was in Jr. High. I think maybe I became "cool" at that time. She swears that I used her to cover for me in high school, if I was out too late, etc...but I really don't remember that. :)

Somewhere along the way we became great friends. I think we grew up maybe. We even lived together for about a year after she got out of college and she moved with me to Florida. She lived with me, she hated my then boyfriend, and to top it off I was her boss at work. That did not work out very well at all. So about 6 months later she got a good job offer, she kissed me goodbye, mom drove down to help her move.... and off she went to Texas. That was 1999 and the last time we have even lived in the same state.

So now it is 2010, and my baby sister is celebrating her 34th birthday today. This year it is very different. I am hoping that she and her husband can go out for a nice birthday dinner. I am hoping that she will have enough energy to get up and get ready ( even though she has no hair to fix). I am hoping she will have enough appetite to enjoy a piece of birthday cake. I am wishing that I lived in the same city with her so I could give her a birthday hug and kiss. My little sister, who is now a grown woman, has brain cancer.

I am still being the big sister and trying to take care of her. I started the Sandi's Fight for Life campaign in May and gave up sleeping so I could help raise money for her medical bills. Sandi has stage IV Glioblastoma - a fancy name for brain cancer. She went to the doctor for headaches on May 3rd and discovered she had a brain tumor the size of a lemon.

She jokingly says that this is my way of making up to her for all of the years I treated her like crap.....well maybe she is right, but it is the least I can do for my sister. I know if the tables were turned, she would do the same thing for me. So pick up the phone and call your best friend.

Thank you Daffy for having me today and letting me share my story. It brought back some old memories. XOXO!!!
My wedding in 2005

Sandi's wedding 2007 - I am very pregnant.

Sandi and I - July 2010

This month is about building friendships and making our existing friendships stronger...We challenge you to dig into your "followers" list and find one follower you don't know (not a loyal commenting person) and reach out to them and ask them to do a guest post on YOUR blog. Then, come back and link up with your guest post and have your new friend (guest poster) link up as well!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fruit of My Laboring Shit

I don't know what the hell that title means...but lets go with it mmmk?


Somehow I have them everywhere.

Fruit flies…not shit. Just figured I might need to clarify for those speshal readers.

I’m thinking they shipped in on some fresh veggies. Guess that’s what I get for keeping the pond healthy. How in the world do those damn things multiply so fast? I often strive to look for the positive in a situation…the silver lining…the rainbow in the storm…the ray of….okay I hear your eyes rolling. Enough with the Molly Fucking Sunshine shit. Ooops. A little crass? I'll tone it down a bit....

So I’ve got these buggers…um… buggin me. Attempting to smash the elusive bastards, while therapeutic in that its a grand stress relief to slam your hands together like great gongs causing them to reverberate with an intense sting (really? Need such force be used when squashing such minute vexation? Uh…HELL YES! Those pluckers are annoying!  <---see! toned down) it is quite the futile effort if one is expecting a successful outcome of death.

It sucks to walk out of the bathroom leaving it looking as though the running of the bulls commence on your vanity top. It’s a bitch to clean too. Totally cancels out the good juju from all the symphonic smashing and thrashing and slamming and pounding of the palms.

Hmph….detect at little hostility? Pent up anger?

Meh….me either.

Happy Hump Day Quackers
photo source google images

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

STICK IT - Riding Crazy and a Photo Op

It's Tuesday which means its time to feed the addiction Duckalicious style - Grab those pasties and STICK IT! Also be sure to check out the links at the bottom for entering the BFF Photo Contest hosted by Friends You Love Blog which is celebrating frienships the entire month of September. Great prizes to be had all month long!!

That One Mom

Our best friends are such an integral part of our lives.
With them, we make so many of the moments that make life worth living.
Oftentimes, those moments are caught on film.
And boy do I have a TON of photos...just not any that I should  be posting on a blog. However, I know that YOU do and can! So jump on over to Friends You Love and enter not only showing off your Bestie but also to win some great loot!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rockin' Da Hop with Babe


Hey guys!! I'm Stephanie aka Babe's Rockin' Mami and Daffy asked me to guest post for her today so I brought my weekly thing Makeup Monday over here for today! I was pretty excited when she asked me because I adore her and love her blog!
Me? I'm a married 25 year old SAHM who is becoming a work at home mom because I now have a bakery, Steph's Rockin' Bakery! You should check it out! Anyway, I have a 13 month old son The Babe who is the light of my life and was a stripper in his past life. My blog has ranting, makeup, baby and husband. I also co-host Sexy Sunday on...Sunday so come by and link up if you like.

Now, on to the makeup! I saw this look in an ad and wanted to do it for makeup monday and Daffy and I talked about something fun and flirty. This look can be bumped up or down easily!

Here is me without makeup, this is what I look like 99% of the time. (everyone always wants to see)

Start with your prepared etc..I cover this in my Massive Monday post!

Line your inner water line with black pencil

Then take a grape colored shadow and apply it to all but the inner third of your lid

Then buff it out and blend so that it fades upwards.

Take a ligher shimmer purple and apply it to the inner third and blend it out a bit so that there is no sharp line.

Next you will apply a bit of that light shimmer purple on your botton eyeline, apply a white high light at the inner corner and right under your brow. Blend it out.

Now apply several coats of mascara after curling your lashes.

Then apply a purply/pink gloss or lipstick.

Now for the end result, I always make silly faces of whatever because as you can see from the headphones, I be jammin' while doing my makeup!

And there you go! I normally email respond to all of my comments but today I will be responding in the comments so if you comment that's where you will see my answer!

Welcome to the first Friends You Love Blog Hop!

This month is about building friendships and making our existing friendships stronger...
We challenge you to dig into your "followers" list and find a follower you don't know well (someone who doesn't comment regularly) and reach out to them and ask them to do a guest post on YOUR blog. Link up with your guest post and have your new friend (guest poster) link up as well!

We will be running this blog hop every Monday this month, so spread the word, spread the love, and darn it, go make some new friends!