Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here I Come

Just wanted to assure y'all that I will be back to regular programming next week. My cape is being altered....I had to give my wings away.

Friday, May 21, 2010


The final blessing brought torrential tears inside the ICU however, out the window three days of nonstop rain instantly dried up and the sun shone so very brightly.....
June 1974 - May 2010

A very special thanks to all of you who have commented, sent comments and visits my way, tweeted and emailed - I also know so very many of you have dedicated blog posts this week to me and the Duck family...I can't even begin to express the depth from which my gratitude over flows. My words are inadequate; thanks not nearly enough. In the coming days as daylight turns to unsleepable hours I will find the time to reach each of your posts and let you know I have been there. In the moments in between please know that your comments, support and love have literally propelled me through the last week and will continue to be the support I will draw from in the coming days.

Funeral arrangements will be finalized tomorrow and it is my understanding that a scholarship fund will be established for BigSis's 5 year old son. I share this with you only because many have asked about flowers, cards etc. If you would like more information please email me.
batcrapcrazyblog (at)

God's Blessings to Each of YOU!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

update 3

BigSis and Sista

BigSis came out of surgery yesterday with no neurological function. She is on a ventilator and will undergo testing later this morning to check again for brain activity. Your prayers, emails and comments are pushing me through this. Thanks seem not enough. When I have time to pull out my laptop I'll update further. Thank you

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update from the Pond -Update #2 8:00pm CST

Well look at me...posting pic after pic of the Duck and I said I'd never have pics of the real me on this damn thing. Thank you for all of the amazing emails, tweets, texts and chats of support. You guys are awesome and deserve something a really yummy frozen margarita served by your choice of cabana boy or Baywatch Babe. I figure if I start walking tomorrow I'll make it to Mexico by early next week. Anyone wanna go with me?

For the update. BigSis was originally scheduled for her brain surgery on Thursday of this week. Yesterday they did a procedure to drain fluid from around her tumor and brain. A few hours later she suffered a major stroke/blood clot and had emergency surgery. They cleared the artery, closed her up and shared that she will have permananet damage but they are not sure to what extent. Within a short amount of time she was again in great distress suffering from majoring clotting all over her body. Her entire right leg clotted and she has been in surgery now with the vascular surgeon for about 4 hours in attempts to save her leg and identify the reason for massive clotting. Her brain surgery will be postponed for a couple of weeks while she recovers from this set back.

I want to take a moment to share my most amazing thanks for the ICU nurse on duty last night. She checked on BigSis at 11pm and she was okay then. The nurse said for some reason she felt she really needed to check on BigSis again around 11:30 even though it was 30 minutes before her scheduled check. She found BigSis within minutes of the stroke and the entire team of doctors needed to deal with it were in her room within minutes working on her. Thanks be to God for all of His earthy angels and to YOU for all of your prayers, postive thoughts and sacrificial chickens (or goats).

I hope to have a post up tomorrow...should be Convos From the Hood!!! Have to keep y'all coming back for something fun! This is usually NOT a place you'll find downtrodden news. I wanted to update and thank you though
Update #2
Surgery this morning to save BigSis's leg went well. The major arteries were cleared, her foot was a healthy pink and she had a good pulse in the top of the foot. The leg 'should' be okay. Within 30 minutes of returning from the operating table of the vascular surgeon she was preped and rushed back into the OR under the care of the neurological team. Her brain tumor had to be removed immediately, the swelling on her brain required that the top of her skull be opened. Surgery was to take upwards of 20 hours. Spoke with the Neurosurgeon about 30 minutes ago. BigSis is out of surgery....they just wheeled her by actually. All of the tumor was removed. The second tumor that was supposedly on the top of her brain was not found when they opened the top of her head. The surgeon believes it may have actually just been something wrong with the CT film. *sigh of relief* She has a valve in her brain to allow for the draining of extra fluid. I'm hoping for a report of 'stable' soon. She is in no way out of the woods. She had a massive stroke that caused permanent damage last night and the opening of the skull can permanently affect neurological functions. Thank you for your prayers...I ask that if you can continue to pray, please do so. I will update again when I know something. Thank you to the BB Chat girls and Adrienzgirl for keeping the others updated when I can not. I could not get through this with out you all. That's real.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nana Bo Banna

First I want to extend my thanks to all the amazing emails, tweets, gchat messages, texts and BB Chat messages that I have received since Friday! Anyone who says that Blog friendships aren't real and that no one really cares about what is happening beyond the blog face can KISS MY SASS! I'll get back to each of you personally. I promise. May take me a few days but you will hear from me. For those that are scratching their balls ass heads wondering what the heck I'm talking about, I'll catch you up at the end of the Memoir Monday Post.
Its true, its real and its mine. Own your memories people!
 Plunk it out, hit up Big T for a linky-winky, grab the button and you're set.

First allow me to soften your hearts....please gaze lovingly upon this picture and be sure to refer often to the angelic face of the young girl on the far right....
Yes....the one on the right was me...BigSis is in the center, our cousin is the toehead and Sista is the baby. So again, if at anytime you need to refresh yourself on the loving angelic cuteness that was Ducky, please refer to the little cheeser on the right....
 BigSis is 5 years older than I. BigSis knew everything, was the responsible one, the smart one, did everything right and couldn't possibly EVER treat her younger sister badly. If you were here last week for Memoir Monday I talked about how I was always blamed for everything and of course I have more memories to support such claims (Middle Children Stand Up and UNITE). Like the time Sis and her friends were playing and just couldn't be bothered with the cuteness that was me.  Some snotty comments flew back and forth and she finally called me a jackass and slammed the bedroom door in my face. Pshaw!  So down I went to ask Mom what jackass meant. I hadn't heard it before and while I was sure it was an insult of some kind I just didn't know the degree to which I should be plotting revenge. Never in a million years did I expect that MY cute 6 year old self would end up in trouble. Evidently it was much more difficult for Mother Dearest to believe that BigSis called her sibling a jackass than it was for Mother Dearest to believe I was asking the meaning simply so I could say JACKASS ten times under the guise of seeking knowledge.

So BigSis totally had it coming the next 10 years day when I chased her around the house with banana peels in hand. BigSis has a long list of allergies. It really cramped my childhood y'all. No rodeos cause of the hay, no camping because she was allergic to lack of running water, only stuffed little kitty pets cause BigSis was allergic to cats and of course she had some food allergies. She was and still is very allergic to bananas. She can't even eat other fruit that has touched a in a fruit salad or something. She swells....not really like The Nutty Professor cause her whole body doesn't bloat...just her face. **pause for laughter....mine not yours**

I personally thought it was a great stroke of genius to dash into her bedroom and throw banana peels at her face. Hell I still think its funny and every once in awhile toss one at her just for shits and giggles. She will still tell anyone and everyone who will listen about all the times I have attempted to kill her and the miles logged as I chased her round and round the house with bananas in hand.

So that's it. I'm a mean sister...don't forget to look at the photo again. *smile* HUGS LOVE AND PRAYERS BigSis...we're pulling for you.

Up to speed: long story short BigSis went to the ER on Thursday feeling very poorly. Found out Friday morning she has two brain tumors. One large one at the base of her brain on the right side affecting her motor skills, memory and personality, and a smaller on on the top of her brain. Friday she passed her neurological tests just fine, by Saturday morning she failed and was running a fever. She was transferred to a bigger hospital with a top notch neurological team. Surgery is a must and will happen sometime this week. She is in good spirits (I tweeted her snarkyass comments over the weekend) albeit very worried, but holding up as well as anyone could under the circumstances. She is young....35.....married and has a 5 year old son. Thank you for your prayers, well wishes and positive thoughts. Just knowing that you paused to think of her and our family provides such a tremendous sense of support. Thanks seem not enough....
If you haven't yet seen the Monkey Mission efforts, I encourage you to show your awesome support to Michelle atMomma's Pixie Dreams Her 16 month old daughter Monkey is just beginning her battle with Neuroblastoma.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boobies, Beavers and Ass

...because Ed at Ed's Funny Pages said I wouldn't. *sticks tongue out* So THERE! (scroll on down. There is actually a real post below....)

and ass....
...well, what did you honestly expect? Sheesh!

Sometimes I crack myself up. I could likely be content in a round white padded room with only myself for company. How is this possible you might ask? Aside from the voices in my head I sometimes say things I think are funny and it doesn't really matter that no one else laughs but me....for example:

"You're on a roll today. Better get off cause you don't need the carbs, fatass."

"I couldn't understand a damn thing he said. He might've offered to sell me a slurpie."

"I'll pick it back up when I shift my hips and lick my right index finger."

"My vaseline thingie smells funny."

...via txt
Sista: Dang! Does that mean I have to take off the ninja suit?
me: Nope! Not if its the black one with the purple stripe and dildo holster.

...via gchat
me: The Lord's been hearing a lot of pleading from me...guess i should listen some more

Sista: I am glad he is hearing you and I hope that it means you are seeing
the light at the end of the tunnel!
me: i don't know that I see any light....unless its just that my head is
that much closer to being extracted from my ass....that tunnel is probably my colon.....

Now, don't you wish YOU had conversations with me and my voices?

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh yes, I SMASHED It! - Memoir Monday

It's true, it's real and its mine. Own your memories people! Plunk it out, hit up Big T for a linky-winky, grab the button and you're set.
Bye Bye Birdie

Ask the others in my family and they will tell you I am was a typical middle child. Very often our parents will tell my sisters things twice but completely forget to tell me. There may be something subconscious in this. I try not to probe such thoughts too deeply.

I always got blamed for everything even if I didn’t do it. Something missing? Daffy has it. Something broken? Daffy did it. Something smells? It’s Daffy. For instance there was this time I was blamed for my younger Sista falling down a flight of stairs; and by falling I mean one minute she was at the top and the next she was rolling over and under and over along with a rolled up sleeping bag. She eventually smacked the wall at the bottom of the stairs. She was fine and I certainly had NOT pushed her. What does everyone else know? They weren’t there and really she was way too young for her memory to be accurate anyway (shutit Sista! You KNOW I’m right). She only thinks I pushed her because that’s what our mother told her. *eye roll*

There is this one time though that I will totally take credit for. (credit, not blame, because it was funny). We had a HUGE oak tree in the center of our backyard. So big that I was sure if I could actually climb all the way to the top I might find Oz. Nestled at the base was a brilliant blue robin egg. Little Sista gingerly picked it up and danced around the yard, sunbeams bouncing off her pretty auburn hair. (don’t worry, here’s the good part). Daffy, upon seeing the perfect opportunity to make younger Sista scream, pranced over and feigned interest in the wee little egg. Quickly, deftly, with great skill and smooth ninja like moves Daffy smashed that egg in the palm of Sista’s hand all while laughing and telling Sista she had dead baby bird guts dripping through her fingers. *cue hysterics* Like always, the whining tattle tale little Sista went running to Mommy while the mean sister that I was am acquired grass stains from writhing on the ground with laughter.

Before you cry fowl (oh, yes I did….I went there) I wasn’t always so mean to my sista and she certainly was NOT traumatized for life no matter what she says.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Convos From the Hood - v.16

There is rarely a dull moment when one works
in an inner city high school.
Join me for a snap shot of what happens
Monday through Friday between the bells.

Katheryn: Wait! What’s that say? I get confused with words sometimes. I’m color blind.
Kyle: Ms. Daffy will you pray for me?
Daffy: Of course Kyle. Anything specific?
Kyle: My mind ain’t right…
Daffy: Having trouble juggling girlfriends?
Kyle: *laughing* Yes. I’m just a young black man trying to make my way…
Daffy: *snort*
Coach on dating…
…”I don’t care what color you are. If you are fine, I’m talking to you. You could be green…if you fine? Call me Captain Kirk! If you this tall and you fine? I’ll get me a damn ladder.
Girl: Ms. Daffy why you got your nasty feet outta yo shoe?
Daffy: Don’t worry about me
Girl: That’s nasty
Daffy: So is your face but I’m not complaining….


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wanna See My Chicken Scratch?

I normally don't do the meme things or follow through on Tags because I'm lazy...but Ian at The Daily Dose actually DARED me and said I WOULDN'T DO IT. Evidently he knows just how I tick and that I rarely back down from a dare. So did it!

1. Name/Blog Name
2. Right handed, left handed or both
3. Favorite letters to write
4. Least favorite letters to write
5. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
6. Write in caps:
7. Favorite song lyrics
8. Tag 7 people
9. Any special note or drawing

So what's my handwriting say about me? Yeah....I haven't a clue either. Might want to lock your front door though.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Went To TAR and All I Got Was...

... WET! You'd think a duck wouldn't mind a little water. Really, I don't. I swim quite well and enjoy a good dousing now and again. What I did not anticipate was needing a surf board, oars and possibly a friggin propeller on my Honda to get me into St. Louis! And it wasn't just raining there, I'm pretty damn sure I passed Noah along I70 and with lightning bolts zapping the horizon every 2.5 seconds I was sure a Twister would appear in one of them.

I hydroplaned my petrified little Harriet (yes, I named my car) into the hotel garage sometime around 9:30pm. The only place left to park was at the top which is open air...and its monsooning...and there are tornado warning sirens going off was fucking fantastic! I'm pretty sure it was Travis fault. He brought the bad weather with him. If you'd like to see my initial arrival shot, you'll have to click the link and jump over to rxbambi. She was the first to snap a pic as I was the last of the Friday arrivals to join up with the group, who were pretty damn toasted by the time I got there. I missed all the YMCA fun (apparently Travis sang and danced for the HardRock Cafe patrons).

 I also got....
...An ASSHAT from CoffeyPot, whom I adore and love and am super happy to have met. I could hang with him all day. Even 9 year old little girls fall in love with him. He's awesome!

...A Compass from Ed (I am NOT truly directionally challenged no matter what he says)
...Some shit from Travis (because, well, he's just Travis)
...Whining from Jeff for punching him (really dude? I hit like a girl...buck up cowboy!)
...Kid Funk backing away quickly (evidently my hugs are to be feared)

and shared some estrogen with Travis' Missus....bless that woman many times over.....

That's the Missus in the her left is Coffey and of course to the right is Big T

Oh AND I got this TShirt!

 AAAAnd I got to teach a little sign language. Here are Travis and rxbambi practicing their favorite sign
Plus we did some super awesome activities like laughing until I peed going up into the Arch
view from the top
our motley crew, minus rxbambi and Barb
I actually have a ton more photos, but like many a family albums the viewers often tire of looking at shots. I do believe there will be a slide show floating around soon. Its been requested that we send our photos to Travis. He's working on the mean time if you'd like to see other shots and read more accounts of the weekend fun click through the following list of awesome people and see just how funny they thought I was.

Barb from Sassy and Ginger