Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Metagenics Supplements

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Dietary Pills For Adults and Children
It is a known fact that fast food is unhealthy to people of all ages. Eating fried food and snacks frequently doesn't provide an appropriate dosage of vital minerals and vitamins that the human body naturally craves. Even when eating a relatively normal and healthy diet, it may not be possible to attain all of the essential nutrients. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with taking some dietary supplements in order to absorb a maximum amount of key nutrients. People of different ages actually have different requirements for all of the important vitamins and minerals.

Multivitamin supplements are available in designs that are suitable for children and adults. For example, kids' pills may be shaped like animals and have colorful textures. By contrast, adult multivitamins might contain high doses of specific nutrients that are needed for people over the age of 50. Some vitamin supplements are also formulated with certain minerals. The combination of these two classes of nutrients leads to improved health and vitality.

Vitamin C is actually found in low concentrations in supplements. This nutrient is quite abundant is common drinks and snacks as well as fruit and vegetables. However, fat soluble vitamins like E and K are very hard to consume in appropriate dosages. Similarly, Vitamin D is found in a relatively limited food menu. Additionally, this vitamin requires exposure to sunshine for full activation and functioning.

There are literally dozens of minerals that the human body needs on a daily basis. For the most part, some of these nutrients are only found in trace amounts within the bloodstream and certain organs. However, there are several important minerals that must be consumed in large quantities. For instance, calcium and phosphorus make up the composition of bones in humans. Similarly, magnesium and sodium play vital roles in several bodily functions including control of the nervous system. A product like Metagenics Supplements and other dietary pills are examples of formulas that are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Another class of nutrients is known as phytochemicals. This category refers to a variety of compounds that are found in super foods such as specific fruit, vegetables and plants. For example, herbal extracts contain a variety of potent chemicals that can relief stress and induce pain relieving effects. Similarly, natural herbs also help people relax and sleep. Traditional oriental supplements include a variety of plant based products that have been used for generations.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to Make The Most of Your Workout

Increase Your Strength, Endurance, Speed and Health with a Heart Rate Monitor
Everyone from the top athletes to weekend warriors are using various tools to improve their performance in their respective sports. You will find that, if you begin to use tools to help your performance, it will work and encourage you to push yourself harder, farther and faster.

One of the best types of tools that athletes, from many disciplines, use to enhance performance are heart rate monitors. An example of a company that understands the amazing training value of heart rate monitors is a company called Heart Rate Monitors, and you can find out more about their specific information here. This company and others like them offer all types of athletes and fitness enthusiasts a wide variety of electronic devices to help make every training session count, so no one wastes valuable training time by marking place.

Often, athletes tend to either undertrain or overtrain, and both of these create a state of diminishing returns for anyone taking the time to go out and do a long run, perform intervals in running or biking or do a tempo run. With the right training tools, you can avoid wasted long slow runs by monitoring your stats before, during and after your critical training sessions.

Some of the stats that you can, and should, monitor during each training session include your heart rate, your weight, your calories burned, your pace, your distance that you have covered and overall time. If you notice that your heart rate continues to increase at what is usually a comfortable pace, you might realize you feel fatigued or dehydrated and need to either scale back, get some water or taper your workout to get some rest.

When you shop for a heart rate monitor, look for one that has all of these readouts to help you save training time and stay healthy. With the right seller, you will find a wide selection, which means you can truly tailor your training experience to your needs.

Consider Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo and many other exciting products for your running, biking, swimming, triathlete or lifting needs to keep your training on track. Find bike mounted monitors, wrist monitors, body strap monitors and smartphone compatible monitors, depending on your needs and preferences. Whatever will encourage you to use your monitoring system, you will find it at these companies that make it their priority to offer you all types of monitoring systems to help you bolster your training, fitness and overall health.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is There An App For That?

10/23/13 5:31 PM since my last confession

Gee...where does the time go? We have been through A LOT of toilet paper since October 23, 2013 and I think my last real post was something about how quickly life flushes through weekdays.

I spend just as much time driving these days as I do actual on the job work time. Averaging 200 miles A DAY makes for very little computer time. Its nearly the third month of 2014, there should be an app that allows me to blog from prison; or the emergency room, or the dungeons of a booger infested, cootie crawling cinder block classroom of an elementary school.  Even short bursts of downtime would allow me to toss up a quick post. As deeply entrenched in the days of instant gratification as we are, who really wants to take the time, or HAS the time, to read a 250+ word blog post. 

I don't.

 In fact, I'm nearly out of time right now and its all about time management. So if there was an app that easily worked with iOS and blogger, I could post in real time from the shitter. Heh...imagine that.  

Excellent Batcrap Crazy blog fodder happens on a daily basis still; nothing has changed in that regard. I have horrible grammatical structure, abhorrent typos and am now just sharing daily follies validating my need for bubble wrap, a helmet and chin strap via text with my chums. 

Snap shot of Wednesday this week...hump day no less which means in theory is should be a camel spitting, hump kicking, awesome kind of day....or not.

Left the house with only half my lunch and my coffee still sitting under the Keurig spout. Got the kiddo to school and made it the first job with three minutes to spare. Not enough time to pee. Naturally. 

Was down to 2 miles of gas remaining in Harriet the Honda and sweating being in an unfamiliar town with no idea of where or when I would find a gas pump. Irishman, like the damn lucky leprechaun he is, texts "You'll find it. Has to be one around the next corner"

BAM! There it was. I swerve awkwardly up to the pump at an unsafe speed. I have 85 miles to drive to my next appointment and less than 50 minutes to get there with time continuing to tick down. Opening my door I slam it into the bright orange pole next to the pump. BRILLIANT Shoving the nozzle in the car, I head inside for some caffeine.  Choking on hooka smoke and thrown off balance by the cobra trancing music, manage to pay and make it out the door only to trip over the large concrete island between the door and pump spilling my liquid sanity.  WINNING! I replace the nozzle on the pump and wait an obscene amount of time for the reciept it was never planning on printing. (asshole) I grab my phone for a photo shot of the pump, tax records and all, and nearly shit with the shutter click...

Shrugging, I climb back into Harriet closing my coat in the door and realizing a block later I forgot to replace the gas cap. Another unsafe, high speed, awkward pull off from the roadway and the gas cap is secure and door is shut.

With the remaining 40 minutes I have 80 miles to drive, three emails to send regarding scheduling changes with a client while they are fresh in my mind, check my blood sugar, take an insulin shot, eat the lunch I managed to remember, text my mishaps to my closest friends all while cruising behind a state trooper who is drastically slowing my forward progression.  

And that was all before noon. The day only improved. And by improved I mean, I emptied a bottle of Fireball Whiskey when I finally got home.  

If you invent an app that allows me to post that when it happens we won't have to wait another four months for an actual unsponsored post! I sense your excitement....I do... 

OH! In the mean time, if you want to find me on Instagram (surely you had to know I would be posting pictures of each faceplant) you can find me   
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Show Those Pearly Whites

Proper Dental Care is Essential to maintain good Oral Health

There is nothing like a beautiful smile and proper and regular dental care will help keep it that way. Dental care is the maintenance of teeth and gums in order to maintain positive oral health. Dental care will also include the early identification of systemic disease that not only affects teeth and gums, but the entire body, as well. Regular dental checkups will lessen the risk of infections caused by tooth decay and protect the ability to speak well and eat properly.

Good dental care begins at a young age. A child’s first visit to the dentist should be while baby teeth are still in place. Dentists will be able to identify any dental disturbances before they become bigger problems.

Proper dental care will include brushing and flossing after meals, reducing the intake of sugary foods and treats and regular dental visits. During a dental checkup, the dentist or dental hygienist will evaluate the health of teeth and gums, especially for changes in gum structure, look for signs of dental decay and examine the mouth for signs of vitamin deficiencies, diabetes and cancer. The dentist will also check for loose fillings, broken teeth and damaged fillings. The dentist may also examine the head, neck and jaw line and check for anything out of the ordinary. The dentist will also check for proper teeth alignment when biting down and may even take a saliva sample for analysis.

The second part of the dental examination includes thoroughly cleaning to remove particles that may be stuck between teeth and removing plaque and tartar and other particles that have built up on teeth. The dentist will also polish the teeth in an effort to keep the veneers strong and healthy and floss between the teeth. Plaque and tartar, two major promoters of tooth decay will build up on teeth very quickly and if not removed regularly dental problems will occur. Soft plaque hardened on the teeth due to the lack of regular brushing and flossing will not only promotes tooth decay, but will irritate gum tissue.

Dentists recommend dental checkups at least every six months and additional visits if necessary if tooth or gum problems manifest between regular visits. It is essential dental decay be repaired in a timely manner to minimize further deterioration of teeth.

It is important to choose an experienced and licensed dentist, such as and always brush and floss after meals in an effort to keep a healthy and beautiful smile.

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