Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Top 10 Workout Songs for March 2015

Have you dropped your New Years Fitness Resolution? Struggling to keep motivated? It happens. Routines can get old and then boredom sets in. Switching up your music is a fantastic way to boost your workout, your mood and your results! Maybe your playlist needs an overhaul as you work in new exercises or equipment to keep from hitting that results plateau! Read below to see what is trending for March!

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This month's top 10 workout songs cover a wide array of tempos and styles that will complement an equally diverse range of workouts. For low rep exercises that strengthen your body—crunches, weights and so on—you might start with one of the slower tracks from David Guetta or Flo Rida. For a cardio routine—running, ropes, and the like—consider one of the faster numbers from alt-rock favorites Bleachers or club stars Yellow Claw.

If the feel is more important to you than the tempo, there are tracks spanning 100-128 beats per minute (BPM) and a variety of genres. The mix includes the latest confection from Maroon 5, a remix of Big Data's crossover hit, and a collaboration between X Factor alumni Fifth Harmony & L.A. rapper Kid Ink.

There should be something here for every taste and routine. If you're looking for a few new songs to spruce up your existing mix, you're in luck. Alternatively, if you need a clean break, you can swap in this entire list—since it blends a variety of speeds and sounds that will get you moving and keep you guessing.

Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred--the web's most popular workout music blog. 
David Guetta, Afrojack & Nicki Minaj - Hey Mama - 86 BPM
Flo Rida, Sage the Gemini & Lookas - GDFR (K. Theory Remix) - 73 BPM
Big Data & Joywave - Dangerous (Spacebrother's Electro Stomp Remix) - 126 BPM
Fifth Harmony & Kid Ink - Worth It - 101 BPM
Madonna - Living for Love - 123 BPM
Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life (Alex Adair Remix) - 117 BPM
Bleachers - Rollercoaster - 163 BPM
Maroon 5 - Sugar - 121 BPM
Yellow Claw & Ayden - Till It Hurts - 146 BPM
Penguin Prison - Calling Out (Elephante Remix) - 128 BPM

To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Art Endangered

Art is important. That is not the results of some new study or anything, even though there have been several studies done that prove this. This is just a common sense fact known to many people, especially parents. So why are we talking about something that should be common sense? The sad fact is that there are still many more people who do not see the importance art plays in the lives of people.

Arts Help Teach Other Skills
Many teachers support the arts for one simple reason, learning about the arts helps teach other useful skills. A big part of growing up is learning how to collaborate with others, creativity and analytical thinking. A big part of being an artist, be it the written word, visual arts or dance, is telling stories.

Learn About Other Cultures
Art has no borders. German art does not stop at the edge of Germany, just as Asian art is not only found in Asia. By learning to appreciate these art forms, children and adults learn about other cultures and their history. In a world that is getting smaller and smaller every day, the importance of learning about other peoples and being respectful of them is becoming increasingly important.

Community Values
A strong sense of community is important in everyone's life. To feel that you are part of something bigger helps you feel better about your life, as well as the world around you. It also helps sow the seeds of caring and empathy. Art is often times a group effort, or at least inspired by others. Artists like to gather and discuss their art and projects they are working on. By becoming one of these members, people will learn that they can be part of something important.

Change the World
Art has played a role in changing history at defining moments, or capturing one life changing moment after another. People need to learn that art is more than pretty pictures or a fun story to kill some time. Art is meaningful, historical and in the heart of every living person.

So what can you do to change this growing trend of ditching the arts? Speak up. That is the most important thing. Make your voice heard, be it through creating art of your own, finding a cause to donate to or just telling your child's school how important art is to you.

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Good Time to Have Your Carpet Cleaned

A Good Time to Have Your Carpet Cleaned

Everyone who has ever brought home a puppy with the intention of making him it an indoor dog will have the experience of house training. This can be a long and frustrating process. If you are lucky to have a fenced in backyard, you will only need to teach your dog how to sit by the door when he wants to go outside to do his business. For those without a yard, you will need to teach your dog to go at certain times when you are walking him. Whatever path you take, it takes time and patience. At some point you will realize that you have succeeded, and your dog is completely house trained. Now it is time for the next important step. Restore your carpets to what they were before you first brought your puppy home for the first time.

Get your carpet cleaned

There is no way around this. Even if you think you saw or detected every accident in the house and have done an excellent job of cleaning, you still need to have the carpet cleaned. There will be spots that you are not aware of, and because they were never cleaned, eventually there will be a foul odor coming from the carpet. A second issue to consider is that the spots that you found and cleaned yourself were not cleaned the same way a professional will clean a carpet. Professionals will use a deep cleaning, steam method that removes all dirt and contaminants in the carpet. Spot cleaning with an off-the-shelf solution found at a local store will only clean the top portion of the carpet and not all of it.

Get your carpet cleaned by a green company

There are many carpet cleaning companies, but only a few of them will take the time to make sure they are using environmentally safe cleaning materials. These cleaners will not only be safe for you and your family, but they will be safe for your pets as well. Your dog will spend more time on the carpet than you will, so you need to make sure there are no chemicals left behind after the carpet has been cleaned.

There are a few carpet cleaning Washington DC companies that provide professional work and use environmentally safe cleaning materials. One example of this type of company in the area is Green Choice Carpet.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Making Valentine's Day Memorable

It's February again and Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. Are you getting queasy about what to get your significant other? Are you low on cash but still want to make Valentine’s Day a memorable one? Then keep reading this post for some (I think) great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts on a budget.
Does more expensive gifts and experiences equate to more love? I hope not! However, if you want to create a memorable Valentine’s Day while on a budget, here are a few ideas to get you started. You can visit for more soon.
Smaller Doses
You don’t have to miss out on the entire valentine’s experience because you are on a tight budget, just do it on a smaller scale. Give her one rose in the most creative way you can come up with and picture her crying in laughter as you do. Give him his favorite treat in the sexiest possible manner. Get creative!
Instead of going out to that 5 star gourmet restaurant, order in from somewhere you both love and have your favorite wine chilled and ready to be served.
Make It
Do you have some special talent or skill that your lover really likes or appreciate? Consider using that as part of your Valentine’s Day gift. You know their favorite dish, prepare that for Valentine’s dinner. How about a nice homemade card with words written from the heart?
These are completely free and can be a lot of fun. You can make them as simple as watching the other’s favorite show together to something hot and steamy. Include all kinds, not just the sexy ones. An after work back and foot rub will ALWAYS be appreciated by your Valentine.
Get Cheesy
Is there something that reminds you of your lover? Is there somewhere you go together that brings back memories? Get each other a small inexpensive gift that reminds you of them. Be it a bag of popcorn from the movie theatre to share Valentine’s night or their favorite snack. For this to work you have to be able to express WHY that gift reminds you of them and the feelings you had at the time of the memory.
This is by far the most valuable gift you can give to your Valentine. Even if you get them the most expensive gift money can buy, it will be the time you spend together and the memories you create that you will cherish forever. If time together means taking a bath together, going for a walk outdoors and enjoying the natural sights and sounds or even just going for a coffee. It is that time together that no expensive gift can ever replace.
So for this Valentine’s get creative, make it fun and begin making those memories with special moments. You don’t have to spend lots of money to do that. Enjoy and appreciate each other and your time together.