Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Taking Pride with Pride Mobility

Life is good. Challenges are at a minimum and you have not ever had reason to stop and think about what would happen if you lost your mobility tomorrow. 

If you're like me, you may be thinking "that would never happen to me" but the reality is there is always the possibility of being in a car accident, an on the job accident, you could simply fall walking down the porch steps (which I actually did and tore ligaments in my happens), or even illness can suddenly leave us wondering how we are going to get to the grocery store or a doctor's appointment. 

Short term mobility issues are most often solved with walkers, crutches or short term use of wheel chairs. What if you are facing a long term mobility challenges? Where do you start? What are your options? Pride Mobility has a wide range of equipment options that should work with just about every budget.

 Perhaps you've already been working with an electric scooter or motorized scooter. Is your need more localized to the home? Declining mobility or health issues may make every day movement difficult. With Power lift chairs, navigating your everyday needs at home can be easier. Have no concern about needing to give up your favorite comforts, you'll also find a lift chair recliner among the options with Pride Mobility. Watching your favorite sports teams or Netflix series from the comfort of your most prized recliner can be done with ease. The lift chair recliner will soon become your new best friend!

If the equipment itself is not enough to get you to browse around their website, Pride Mobility also offers a wealth of information at just the click of a button and from the comfort of your recliner. With detailed online, easily accessible information regarding all their products you will need not look any further than Pride Mobility. They have also provided a resources and information section accessible through their site. They really seem to understand all the components that go along with facing mobility challenges and have tried to put them all in one place in effort to ease what can be a stressful time. Get back to living the good life with Pride Mobility.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Look Official, Be Official - IT's HERE!

It’s HERE!! It’s finally here!
April: my birthday AND the opening of baseball season
A moment of silence please in honor of the best sporting season on Earth…
If you’re thinking you’ve missed an opportunity to send a birthday gift, do not fret! In our house we celebrate the birth MONTH. That means you have the entire month to send me something along the lines of a customized baseball jersey. Ordering from Majestic Apparel is quick, easy and straight forward with hundreds of options for all the baseball fans in your life. Just add an extra team jersey for me!
Maybe Major League Baseball doesn’t quite tickle your feathers like it does mine. Majestic Apparel is not only known for producing official game jerseys and workout gear for major league teams, you can also find quality apparel for other professional sports teams including your favorite college! If you’re not decking yourself or your mate out for the spring season, stock up for the Fall when you’ll be kicking your offspring out the door to their college homes.
I do realize there is an off chance that no sport of any kind is really on your radar (although baseball really should. It’s THE American thing after all). If such is the case, you can find a full line of workout apparel for men and the boys in your life! And even NFL gear and general sports gear is an option here.
Majestic Apparel is the perfect go-to for outfitting your little spring soccer player or T-ball hero. Majestic Apparel can even take you from the cubicle life straight to the golfing greens with the perfect customizable polo. Sport your own logo or that of your favorite city knowing that it has all proudly been made in the US of A!
However you decide to dress, or not, be sure to get outdoors, enjoy the sunshine, and keep moving! And remember you have the remainder of the month to send birthday gifts!

Monday, April 6, 2015

April's Top 10 Wokout Songs: Bring The Heat!

Spring is in full swing! We are expecting amazing temps in the low 80's tomorrow and I couldn't be more happy! LOVE LOVE LOVE this weather!

Add April's top 10 songs and bring the heat to your workout as well. This month's picks provide a steady rhythm with most of the mix clocking in between 122 and 130 beats per minute (BPM). Within that range, you'll find chart returns from both Carly Rae Jepsen and Ricky Martin and the latest from Ariana Grande and Andy Grammar.

On the warm-up and cool down fronts, you'll find an upbeat tune from Jason Derulo and a remix from Skrillex and Diplo's Jack Ü side project featuring Missy Elliott. Lastly, while pop and dance hits generally rule the gym, the most popular workout song of the month actually came from Kid Rock. At 132 BPM, the title track from his new album First Kiss is also the fastest song in this month's playlist. 
While some months' selections vary wildly, April's favorites make a virtue of their consistency. Along those lines, the mix features plenty of quick tunes, an emphasis on good vibes, and a few surprises to keep things interesting—everything you need to get up and moving.
Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred--the web's most popular workout music blog. 
Jason Derulo - Want to Want Me - 115 BPM
Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You - 122 BPM
Ricky Martin - Adios - 128 BPM
Zedd & Selena Gomez - I Want You to Know - 130 BPM
Madonna - Living for Love (Dirty Pop Remix) - 129 BPM
Ariana Grande - One Last Time - 126 BPM
Deorro & Chris Brown - Five More Hours - 128 BPM
Andy Grammer - Honey, I'm Good. - 123 BPM
Kid Rock - First Kiss - 132 BPM
Jack Ü & Kiesza - Take Ü There (Missy Elliott Remix) - 80 BPM

To find more workout songs,  check out the free database at Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine. Absolutely LOVE this site!

Get moving!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

THE Place For Jeans!

How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along?
Do you even remember them? Are you among the few us of whom at 82 days into 2015 are still sticking with them? I am, and part of that reason is rewards. I don’t food reward because that would really be counterproductive (most of the time *wink wink*). I prefer to reward with massages, pedicures and clothing!
With the seasons changing, or on the horizon for changing, it will quickly be time to switch from your winter wardrobe to your spring and summer. Along with wardrobe changes, those of us with our fitness goals still in sight are likely seeing body changes that naturally translate into the need to shop.
NYDJ is a great place to start. I love the ease of shopping online and not needing to drive all over town to find what I am looking for. If you choose NYDJ, register with your email and receive 10% off the top, which is a great way to begin! Everyone loves saving money!
Specializing in jeans for women, NYDJ covers a very wide range of denim styles such as wide leg jeans, tall jeans, trouser jeans, plus size skinny jeans and stretch skinny jeans to name only a few! And should you happen to have long ago discarded your Resolutions list worry not! NYDJ features an amazing slimming technology called Lift Tuck Technology. They even suggest you order a size smaller than what you normally wear.
Do I hear wine glasses clinking? A size smaller!
I am absolutely looking forward to trying a pair of their super skinny jeans. For the most part I abhor shopping for denim. I can never find all the aspects of a good fit in just one pair. If the legs fit, the waist band gaps horribly (such the conundrum of those possessing some junk in the trunk) and if the waist fits then likely my legs will bust the seams. Tossing a She Squats tshirt over the ripped seams just doesn’t work, especially now that I’m in my mid-thirties (let’s all pretend I didn’t actually admit that out loud).
Goals or no goals, resolutions or not, it’s time to shop!